CustomJoin + PermissionJoin 1.5

Display Messages, OnJoin Operators, PlaceHolders, Fireworks and More...

  1. Added support for & in Config and Supports All Java Versions

    As requested, Now Supported for all java versions and also changed it so that you can use & instead of the other character for colours in the config :)
  2. FireWorks + Config Fixes + Permissions Update

    Added Fireworks On Join With Perms
    Added Config Fixes
    Added Permissions Updates
  3. 1.0 For Java 7 Users

    CustomJoin Java 7 For 1.8+ Users
  4. CustomJoin JAVA8

    CustomJoin For JAVA8
  5. CustomJoin For JAVA 7! Finally!

    Finally Added CustomJoin For Java7
  6. FireWorks On Join + Config Fixes + Permission Updates!

    Added FireWorks On Join With Permissions
    Made Config Neater
    Added More Permissions
  7. {Version} PlaceHolder + Minor Config Updates

    Minor Config Fixes
    {Version} PlaceHolder Gets The Plugin Version
  8. Minor Fixes

    - Console Updates
    - Links From CustomJoinPrefix To Console
  9. Added Version Support + Config Fixes + Custom Prefix

    Added Version Support
    - '/CustomJoin Version' Displays The Current Version
    Config Fixes
    - More Convenient Config Usage
    Custom Prefix
    - As Suggested, A Custom Prefix Has Been Added - Has Full Customization
  10. Multiple Permission Joins + Config Fixes + {maxplayers} PlaceHolder!

    - Permission Join
    Added five custom permission joins.
    - Updated and Fixed Config
    The Config is now easier to understand
    - {maxplayers}
    This placeholder gets the most amount of players able to join
    - Heal/Fire/Feed On Join Permissions
    - Permissions for healing, feeding and no fire on(re)join have been added for customisation