CustomJoinLeaveMessage [1.13.2 - 1.14.4] 1.6.5

Add custom messages to your players when they join and/or leave.

  1. Refactored code and fixed global message issues

    • Refactored the code, mainly the UUID fetcher
    • Fixed a bug, where users with the "customjoinleavemessage.own"-perm could define and list global custom join/leave messages
    • Fixed a bug, where a global custom join/leave message could not be removed
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  2. Added color support for CraftBukkit

    • Added chat color support for CraftBukkit
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  3. Fail-safe

    • Added a new fail-safe where I ensure that at least a single GlobalCustomMessage/FirstJoinMessage has been defined, before trying to display it.
      • This fixes a bug that would appear when all GlobalCustomMessage/FirstJoinMessage where removed
      • If there is no messages defined then a default message will be selected
    • Made a minor change (formatting) to the first join message
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  4. Minor fix (converter)

    • Fixed a bug, where the converter didn't convert the very last user on the list.
  5. Minor bug fixing

    • Fixing mojang API status code issue
    • Fixing an issue with /cjmlist and /cjmremove
      • Where you could overload them to do something unintended.
  6. Format overhaul, global messages, new commands, async etc.

    • Optimized the performance of the plugin: Now fetching the UUID asynchronously
      • Tested with LagMonitor
    • Added a completely new messages.yml format as you can see here:
    Code (Text):
    - Say welcome to &l<player>, who just joined our community!
    - Wuhoo! <player> joined the server for the first time!
      - Our friend <player> just joined the dance
      - <player> is ready to dance!
      - <player> is ready to rumble!
  7. Multiple messages, random, list

    • Added new perm
      • customjoinleavemessage.own
        • Allowing player to change their own messages
    • Redefined commands and added new ones
      • /cjlm <page>
        • Displaying info about the plugin
      • /cjmadd <player> <message>
        • Add a custom join message
      • /cjmremove <player> <#ID>
        • Remove a custom join message
      • /cjmlist <player>
        • List all join messages for a player
      • /clmadd <player...
  8. Update checker added

    • Added an update checker.
    • Added an option to disable the update check in the config.yml file.
    • Changed the "/cjlm"-command, so it now pulls the information from the plugin.yml file, instead of being hardcoded.
  9. Silent join, First server join, wildcards and aliases

    • Added the ability to define a first server join message.
    • Added a <player> wildcard for the global join/leave message and first server join.
    • Added a silent join/leave for staff members (and a perm for that)
    • Added a usage description, if no parameters were added to e.g. /customjoinmessage (it also needs a name and possibly a message)
    • Added new aliases
      • /customjoinleavemessage --> /cjlm
      • /customjoinmessage --> /cjm
      • /customleavemessage --> /clm...
  10. Refactoring and fixes

    Changed the way everything works internally in the plugin.
    Everything should work the same, but it will (hopefully) be easier for me to change stuff in the future.