CustomJoinStream 1.4.8

HideStream Replacing

  1. glavrak
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    This plugin is designed to hide standard messages about the join and exit of players. You can also set your own messages. The plugin can also output prefixes and suffixes to the chat.
    This plugin required Vault and any permission plugin.
    The plugin is multilingual, you can translate it into your language. Language files are located in the root directory of the plugin.
    Attention, plugin for correct operation requires permission plugin and Vault.
    I apologize for my english, I used google translator.
    This is my first plugin, please evaluate.
    hu_HU ===> Thanks @Toldi
    And your translation.

    Commands and Permissions:

    /customjoinstream or /сjs - customjoinstream.admin - Main command, info page.
    /cjs help - - Help
    /cjs reload - customjoinstream.reload - Reload the plugin
    /cjs setjoinloc - customjoinstream.setloc - Setting the start position
    /cjs tpjoin - customjoinstream.tpjoin - Teleport to the starting position
    /cjs setspawn - customjoinstream.setloc - Installing spawn
    /cjs hide - customjoinstream.hide - Switching hiding yourself. No one will see you if hide enebled.
    /cjs fly - - Switching your flight status.
    /cjs spawn - customjoinstream.spawn - Teleport to spawn.

    To display your messages about entering and leaving players in the chat, use the permission

    To play sounds and effects when players enter, use the permissions

    Hide yourself. No one will see you. Automatically triggers upon join.

    Code (Text):

    #The language used by the plugin. After changing this parameter, you must
    #enter /cjs reload command
    locale: en_US
    #Customizable messages about join / quit, you need to give a permission ""
        JoinMessage: '&3Player&r %prefix &c%nickname&r %suffix &3has joined the game'
        QuitMessage: '&3Player&r %prefix &c%nickname&r %suffix &3has joined the game'
    #Hiding all the players. Useful for authorization.
    HideAllPlayers: false
    #Sounds and effects at the player entrance
    #Permissions "customjoinstream.sound" and "customjoinstream.effect"
                SuoundRadius: 50
                Sound1: BLOCK_GLASS_BREAK
                Sound2: BLOCK_NOTE_BELL
                EffectRadius: 50
                Effect1: EXPLOSION_LARGE
                Effect2: LARGE_SMOKE
            #These options do not require permissions.
            #Fly on join
            FlyJoin: false
            #This option should be set to true only if the start location "JoinLoc" has been set
            #If any event is to teleport players to the starting position can choose your own or if you want to use in both cases
                Join: false
                Quit: false
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