CustomJoinStream 1.5.0

HideStream Replacing

  1. Update 1.5.0

    Added a separate perm on the covert at the entrance of customjoinstream.hidejoin
    Added listener event respawn player after death. For teleportation uses the location of Spawn.
    The config is changed, the old one will be saved to the OldConfig.yml file and overwritten with the new one.
    Added strings to the language file.
    A few small fixes.
  2. Update 1.4.8

    Fix teleport on Join/Quit
    Fix subcommand help (/cjs help)
  3. Update 1.4.7

    Improved activation and deactivation of flight (metadata is used).
  4. Update 1.4.6

    Fixed a fly when connecting a player
    Added hu_HU lang file. Thanks @Toldi
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  5. Update 1.4.5

    Fixed many bugs.
    Improved customization settings, see the updated config.
    The command '/cjs show' was deleted.
    Changed the functionality of the command '/cjs hide', now works as a player invisibility switch.
    The command '/cjs fly' was added. Permission ''
    The command '/cjs help' was added. Permission 'customjoinstream.admin'
    Added the ability to turn on the flight on player join to server.
    Now the hiding function of the player also changes the player nickname in the...
  6. HotFix

    Fixed a bug in the console that occurs when a player enters the group with the permission "customjoinstream.sound" or "customjoinstream.effect" in the absence of this group in the plugin configuration.
  7. Update 1.3.0

    Function of hiding players. Administrative and general variant.
    Commands and perm.
    /cjs hide - customjoinstream.hide - Hide yourself. No one will see you. Automatically triggers upon join.
    /cjs show - customjoinstream.hide - Show yourself to the players.
  8. Update 1.2.2

    Recoded plugin.
    Fixed error messages in console.
    The localization files has been rewritten.
    Now the plugin requires Vault!!!
    Commands and perm.
    /cjs setjoinloc - customjoinstream.setloc - Setting the start position
    /cjs tpjoin - customjoinstream.tpjoin - Teleport to the starting position
    /cjs setspawn - customjoinstream.setloc - Installing spawn
    /cjs spawn -...
  9. Update 1.0.7

    Sound effects when the player enters.
    The effects of particles when the player enters.
    New bugs :)
    Added pemissions.
    The default language is en_US.
  10. Recoded Plugin

    Fixed typographical errors.
    The events are held in separate classes.
    Added support for suffixes.