CustomJukebox Reremake Reremake 1.0.0

Add new music discs!

  1. Ghost_chu
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    TIPS: I have release without original author allow, but that one it looks gived up, so if anythings make you uncomfortable,please contact with me.
    Original plugin:

    No changes, just update to 1.13+, for guide please go original resource page check.

    Template resourcepack(for 1.15): Download
    (this resourcespack contains a nyaa cat music for test, you can add `nyancat: "Nyan Cat"` in disc.yml to test the demo)

Recent Reviews

  1. rimbaud33
    Version: Reremake 1.0.0
    [DON'T USE CAPS. I forgot coding generally doesn't like caps and I used some of them in my ogg files, of course that didn't go well, but after the porter of this plugin kindly advised me to check special characters I realized what my problem was. I know this might be obvious to some but since it isn't mentioned i wanted to warn anyone who might not know that]

    Tried it out, it's a little bit grindy to set up the first time since you need to keep uploading the resource pack to use trial and error until it's set up correctly, but it is a very very good plugin and an awesome job in porting it to 1.15.2. It is flawless, just remember to read the full documentation on the original post, and if anyone wants to bring back the addon to this plugin that enables custom discs in worldprotect regions i can help with any audio knowledge needed, i really would like to see that plugin come to life as well.

    awesome work, thanks to the creator and the porter
  2. TheJedeX
    Version: Reremake 1.0.0
    Great plugin! The only thing I miss is that the discs dont behave like normal discs (if you get away from them the music still plays). Is there a way to fix that?
    Thank you for your hard work!
    1. Ghost_chu
      Author's Response
      that's client side so i think no.
  3. crston
    Version: Reremake 1.0.0
  4. das_
    Version: Reremake 1.0.0
    Thanks for updating this plugin and sharing it with us, it would be nice to have a reload command added in the next update. I hope you keep your work up :D