CustomKB 1.0

Edit the KB of your server.

  1. Washingtxn
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    This plugin has been created for people who want to modify the KB of their server, its commands are simple and easy to use.

    /setverkb [MinVertical] [MaxVertical] [MinAirVertical] [MaxAirVertical] [VictimNotSprintVertical] (To place the KB Vertical)

    /sethorkb [MinHorizontal] [MaxHorizontal] [AttackerNotSprintMin] [AttackerNotSprintMax] [VictimNotSprint] (To place the KB Horizontal)

    /combo [ComboHorizontal] [ComboVertical] [ComboTicksCheck] [HitsLimit] [VerticalAfterHitsLimit] (To place the KB of Combo)

    /potspeed [X and Z Amount] [Y Amount] (To change the speed at which Pots come out) (If you want to place the vanilla potions use /potspeed 1 0).

    /day (To place the player's time to day)

    /night (To set the player's time to night)


    [MinVertical] must be less than [MaxVertical].

    must be less than [MaxHorizontal].

    [VictimNotSprint]: Set a value that is not greater than 0.6, I recommend setting it to 0.5 since the Horizontal KB will be reduced by 50% (This will not decrease the Opponent's KB) while Sprint resets doing WTAP / BlockHit.

    [HitsLimit] Means how far upwards the damaged player goes.

    [VerticalAfterHitsLimit] must be less than 0 (Example: 0.35)



Recent Reviews

  1. KeyHD_YT
    Version: 1.0
    Buen Plugin, es el mejor, lo recomiendo lo unico que deben saber es como usarlo, pero es facil, asi que por eso lo recomiendo, like y subscripcion
    1. Washingtxn
      Author's Response
      Gracias por recomendar CustomKB.