CustomMessages 1.0

easy, lightweight configurable messages!

  1. Undependable
    Constapation, KewlKed
    This is a extremely lightweight, customizable plugin!

    /MOTD - Check the MOTD or message of the day!

    MOTD: Hello %p welcome to the server!
    # You can make a custom join message
    JoinMessage: <+> %p has joined the game!
    #You can make a custom quit message
    QuitMessage: <-> %p has left the game!
    # Type disabled to turn off the TNT placement
    # Type enabled to turn on the TNT placement
    TNT: enabled
    # Make a custom message when someone places a banned block!
    AntiGriefMessage: You can't place this block!
    # ChatFormat to change when a player talks, ex: (CHATFORM) <Player> Hey
    # another example: <Server> %p > %msg
    # this will output <Server> KewlKed > Hey
    ChatFormat: &c <%p> %msg
    # Use killer or dead
    DeathMessage: RIP > &cdead &ewas killed by &ckiller!


    All of the credits go to Constapation!