CustomMessages 1.0

Change many of the messages that will send to players!

  1. VerifiedGamer
    Custom Messages is a very simple Plugin which allows you to change most of the Messages that will be send to players when they do something!

    • Change the Join/Quit - Messages!
    • Change the Deathmessage!
    • Change the Message of the Day (supports ColorCodes)!
    • Change the Tablist header/footer!
    • Change the ServerFull/Whitelist - kick messages!
    • Change the Chatformat!
    All of these are supporting ColorCodes! You can find a list here:

    If you find any Errors/Bugs please feel free to report them in the Comments!

    This plugin is only 1.8+ compatible!

    • /custommessages setmotd > Sets a new Message of the Day (motd)! Use '&' as the ColorCodeprefix
    • /custommessages settablist [header|footer] > Sets new Tablist header or footer!
    • /custommessages setkickmessage [full|whitelist] > Sets new denymessages for Whitelist or Full kick!
    • /custommessages info > Shows an Info graphic for the Plugin!
    '/cm' is an alias for the Command!

    • cm.setmotd > Allows you to use the /cm setmotd command!
    • cm.settablist > Allows you to use the /cm settablist command!
    • cm.setkickmessage > Allows you to the /cm setkickmessage command!
    I hope this is helpful!