CustomMobDrops 1.3

A lightweight plugin, which makes Mobs drop (other) items with many options.

  1. Permission to reload, added more functions

    Added cmd.reload permission to reload.
    Also improved the reload command.
    [+]Added the configuration to only give named mobs drops. So if u have a monster egg, named, then placed and configured that this name should drop x drops, only the mob with the name can drop the loot.
  2. Added reload command and mob name

    As the title already mentions, added a reload command like that: /cmd reload or /custommobdrops reload
    Also a name for the mobtype to spawn.
  3. Update #1 forgot to add loot_message to the update!

    Now you can configure a loot message when player gets loot from killing.
  4. Update #1 Added some features

    Added multiple items for triggering.
    You also can trigger with hand killing or set to trigger with any item, hand or way to kill through the player.