CustomMobs 4.17

Mob-Customizer with many and interesting features. Your Tool for 100% mob-control!

  1. HellFirePvP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Bored of the normal mobs spawning all over the world? Mobs which just have always the same weapon, same health and nothing else? Here's the solution: CustomMobs! Customize your mobs just like you want and save them to a simple file. Once created and saved you can spawn them easily as often you want and where you want. You may also create spawners with your own customized mobs, set a spawnlimit for them and configure them, so they will spawn all over your world!

    [CustomMobs 4.16 Version for Spigot/Craftbukkit 1.8.X: Dropbox-Link] (Updated 31.10.2016)

    [Description version: 4.14]

    CustomMobs Issue Tracker:

    CustomMobs-Quests Module
    can be found here. (for Version 4.0 or later)

    CustomMobs-Discord-Server (1st choice to go, in case you need help - i might not be there always, but i'll read your message and answer as soon as i'm back)

    So What is CustomMobs?

    In simple words, CustomMobs is a mobcustomizer that allows almost complete modification of a mob and provides additional utility to create spawners with them, make them respawn after death at a certain location or make them spawn all over your world just as if they would spawn naturally.


    • "/op" or "custommobs.*" grants access to all commands and all functionality of the plugin
    • "custommobs.cmduse" grants access to the basic commands of the plugin. Allows viewing of all commands, but allows no usage.
    • Each command has its own Permission. See detailed command descriptions for more information.


    • /cmob - Overview of all cmob-Commands
    • /cmob create <Type> <Name> - Creates a new custommob with given type.
    • /cmob delete <Name> - Deletes the named custommob
    • /cmob burn <Name> <true/false> <duration/-1/infinite> - Sets a custommob on fire or not with given duraion (in ticks)
    • /cmob name <Name> <CustomName> - Sets the customname of the custommob
    • /cmob fireproof <Name> <true/false> - Sets the custommob fireproof or not
    • /cmob exp <Name> <expAmount> - Sets the amount of experience the custommob drops on death
    • /cmob health <Name> <Health> - Sets the health of the custommob
    • /cmob setpotion <Name> <Effect> <Amplifier> <Duration> - Adds a potioneffect to the custommob
    • /cmob resetpotion <Name> <Effect> - Removes a potioneffect from the custommob
    • /cmob equip <Name> <0/1/2/3/4> - Sets the currently worn armor/weapon as the mob's equipment (0 = Mainhand, 1 = OffHand, 2= Helmet, 3= Chestplate, 4= Leggings, 5= Boots)
    • /cmob drops <Name> - Opens a Drop-Inventory. Place items into it and enter the dropchance (between 1.0 and 0.0) in the chat afterwards.
    • /cmob cmd <Name> <CommandLine> - Sets a command that's executed whenever the custommob dies. (See Configuration-section for banned commands)
    • /cmob limit <Name> <Limit/-1/infinite> - Sets the limit of how often the custommob can be alive on the whole server at the same time.
    • /cmob spawn <Name> [amount] - Spawns the named custommob on the block you're looking at.
    • /cmob spawner <Name> [delay > 0] - Sets the block currently looking at as CustomMob-spawner. delay is optional. (Permission to break spawner-blocks: custommobs.spawner.destroy)
    • /cmob tool - Gives you the CustomMobs-Tool
    • /cmob list - Lists all custommobs + their type
    • /cmob remove <Name> - Kills all living instances of the named custommob.
    • /ccmob spawn <Name> <worldname> <x> <y> <z> [amount] - Spawncommand for Console and CommandBlock
    • /cspawn - Overview of all cconfig-commands
    • /cspawn add <Name> <groupspawn true/false> <groupAmount> <spawnRate 0.0 - 1.0> [b:biomes] [w:worlds] [r:regions] - Adds a custommob to be spawned randomly around the world(s) - See Command Descriptions for more detailed explanation!
    • /cspawn remove <Name> - Removes a custommob from being spawned randomly
    • /crespawn - Overview of all crespawn-commands
    • /crespawn add <Name> <Time in Seconds> - Sets a custommob to respawn after death after certain time at your location
    • /crespawn add <Name> <Time in Seconds> <x> <y> <z> - Sets a custommob to respawn after death after a certain time at the specified location
    • /crespawn remove <Name> - Removes a custommob from being respawned.
    • /cai leash <Name> <maxRange>/"remove" - The specified mob will not leave its spawn location more than maxRange-blocks. Type "remove" instead of a range to remove the leash.


    • /ccontrol list <BiomeName> <Water_Creature/Ambient/Creature/Monster> - Lists mobs and their random-spawning attributes. (Only useable, when Fullcontrol is activated!)

    • /cnbt set <Name> <Entry> <Value> - Sets a value in the NBT-Tag of the CustomMob-Entity. Entry's are pre-defined and are 100% safe-to-edit, including a parser that looks for errors.
    • /cnbt setraw <Name> [T/TL: PathKey/ListIndex ...] <Type:Key> <Value> - Allows to set any nbt entry in the Entity's NBT-Tag. See the video included in the update-changelog for update 4.1 for detailed information.

    Here are some descriptions what each single command does exactly.

    Thoughts behind all customizing commands:

    /cmob <What to customize> <Name of the mob to customize> <additional params...> <> <> ....

    Permission to get access to any command and to get access to view all commands: custommobs.cmduse

    Overview of the /cmob commands.

    Permission: custommobs.cmduse

    Pretty obviouls what it does. I don't think i need to explain it

    /cmob create <Type> <Name>
    Creates a mob with given type and filename (not the displayname of the mob!)

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.create

    Creates a new mob. The name of the mob you enter in <Name> will be the <Filename> appearing in nearly all other commands later. I think everyone knows what should be inserted in <Type>

    Example: /cmob create Zombie TestMob

    /cmob burn <Name> true/false <duration/-1/infinite>
    Sets the mob on fire or not with given time (ticks not seconds)

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.burn

    <Name> is the filename of the mob. - If you enter "false" you don't need to enter a duration. The mob just stops burning. If "true" you have to set a duration! Enter a normal number as a duration to set, Enter -1 or "infinite" to set the time (nearly) endless. Duration is counted in ticks. One second = 20 ticks.

    Example: /cmob burn TestMob true 100

    /cmob delete <Name>
    Deletes the mob from the database

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.delete

    Simple. Delete a mob with filename <Name>. Its gone then and can't be spawned anymore. Obviously.

    Example: /cmob delete TestMob

    /cmob fireproof <Name> <true/false>
    Sets a mob fireproof.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.fireproof

    If a mob is set to fireproof, it won't take damage from fire, lava or anything related. It may also swim in lava if it can swim...

    Example: /cmob fireproof TestMob true

    /cmob name <Name> <CustomName>
    Sets the displayname of a mob shown above it's head


    Sets the Displayname above the mob's head. Colorcodes can be used with "&" and spaces with _ !

    Example: /cmob name TestMob &5Hi_&6Everyone!

    /cmob exp <Name> <ExpAmount>
    Sets the amount of exp it dropps on death

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.exp

    Just sets the Amount of exp the custommob drops on its death. This are NOT levels.

    Example: /cmob exp TestMob 5

    /cmob health <Name> <Health>
    Sets the health of the mob as high as you like


    Set the health of the mob just as high or low as you like. ATTENTION: the spigot's server-config may cap the max-health! check the server-config before reporting "bugs"..

    Example: /cmob health TestMob 100

    /cmob setpotion <Name> <Effect> <Amplifier> <Duration>
    Sets potioneffects on the mob when spawned.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.setpotion

    In <Duration>, -1 or "infinite" can be again used for max. duration.

    Example: /cmob setpotion TestMob Speed 5 -1

    /cmob resetpotion <Name> <Effect>
    Removes a potioneffect from a mob.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.resetpotion

    Not really much to say here. Obvious what it does.

    Example: /cmob resetpotion TestMob Speed

    /cmob equip <Name> 0/1/2/3/4
    Sets current weared armor/item-in-hand on the mob (0 weapon, 1 boots, 2 leggings, 3 chestplate, 4 helmet) (Enchantments are possible)

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.equip

    In order to equip the mob with the items, you have to WEAR them, just as you want the mob to wear it! In order to equip a helmet, you have to wear the helmet! - 0 as weapon, you have to hold it in your hand while typing the command!

    Example: /cmob equip TestMob 0

    /cmob drops <Name>
    Opens up an inventory containing all currently set drops of a mob. Click an item into the inventory (it will close itself then) and enter its dropchance (from 1.0 to 0.0 as in 100% to 0%) in the chat afterwards. If you want to remove a drop, simply left-click it in the inventory and it'll be removed. (Currently, in 4.14, you cannot defined more than 54 drops - if you did so previously, executing the command will fail)

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.drops

    /cmob spawn <Name>
    Spawns the mob on the block you look at.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.spawn

    Simple. Spawns the mob. Need more description?

    Example: /cmob spawn TestMob

    /cmob spawner <Name> [delay > 0]
    Sets the named mob as the spawned mob of the spawners youre looking at.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.spawner

    Permission to destory a spawner by breaking the block: custommobs.spawner.destroy

    Modifies a Block or Spawner to spawn your CustomMob, with a delay you like. Needn't be specified. The Block or Spawner to spawn the Mob with, is the block you Look At!


    /cmob spawner TestMob

    /cmob spawner TestMob 10

    /cmob cmd <Name> <CommandLine>
    Sets the command, which the Console will fire, once the mob dies.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.cmd

    You can set the Command the Console will fire once the mob dies here. If you add an "%Player%"in the commandLine, it will be replaced with the name of the player who killed the mob.

    Excluded commands: see main page -> configuration for blocked commands


    /cmob cmd TestMob tell %Player% Hello -> when i (HellFirePvP) kill the mob, the Console will send the command: "/tell HellFirePvP Hello"

    /cmob limit <Name> <limit/-1/infinite>
    Sets the limit of a mob.

    Permission: custommobs.cmob.limit

    Simply sets a limit. this is bound to the custommobs' name this means the mobs counting to the limit are only counting in 1 server-session. this means if you restart or reload the server, the mob limit will be cleared. The limit is server wide. this means the plugin doesn't care where the mob is on the server (nether, overworld, end, ...) there will be only as many mobs as specified. Default is no limit.


    /cmob limit Testmob 1 -> Testmob will be only spawned 1 time and no more.

    /cmob limit Testmob -1 -> Testmob will be only spawned endlessly. -1 is same as infinite.

    /ccmob spawn <Name> <x> <y> <z> <worldname>
    Spawn command for Console!

    Permission: custommobs.ccmob.spawn

    Self-Explaning. Only console can use this command to spawn. NO relative spawning is possible.

    Example: /ccmob spawn TestMob 10 70 10 flatworld

    Overview of the /cspawn commands.

    Permission: custommobs.cmduse

    Overview of the /cspawn commands. Anything else?

    Example: /cconfig

    /cspawn add <Name> <(GroupSpawning) true/false> <average groupamount> <spawnrate 0.0 - 1.0> [b:Biomes] [w:Worlds] [r:Regions]
    sets a new mob to be spawned randomly.

    Permission: custommobs.cspawn.add

    Ok, step by step now. first of all: <(GroupSpawning) true/false> - If you want it to spawn ALONE. then use "false". If you want to spawn more mobs near together as group then set it to "true".

    Second: <average groupamount> - If you don't want to spawn them in group and you typed "false" in '<(GroupSpawning) true/false>', then enter any number you want here - It doesn't count anyway. If you want to spawn them as group and you typed "true", you have to specify HOW MANY mobs should spawn in an average spawned group.

    Third: <spawnrate 0.0 - 1.0> - This defines the "weigth" ("how likely") the mob will spawn in relation to other mobs. For example you have 2 mobs defined to spawn randomly and 1 has the weight 0.2 and the other one has the weigth 0.8 THEN the weight of the first mob is "20" and the weight of the second is "80" - total weight "100" - so the first has 1/5 (20%) chance of spawning and the second has 4/5 (80%) chance of spawning

    Fourth: [b:Biomes] - ONLY needed, if you want to spawn your mob only in certain biome(s). Multiple biomes can be specified when seperated with ',' - Example usage in command: "b:Forest,Swampland,Taiga" - Then the mob specified may only spawn in these 3 biomes.

    Fifth: [w:Worlds] - ONLY needed, if you want to specify the world(s) the mob spawns in. Multiple worlds can be specified when seperated with ',' If you only want the mob to spawn in one world, this is what you need. - Example usage in command: "w:world,world2,world_nether" - Then the mob specified may only spawn in worlds called "world", "world2" or "world_nether"

    Sixth: [r:Regions] - ONLY needed, if you want to specify the regions where the mobs can spawn in. Only supported, of course, if you have worldguard on your server! Multiple regions can be specified with seperated with ',' - Example usage in command: "r:myregion,spawnarea" - The mob then only spawns in regions called "myregion" and "spawnarea" if you have worldguard installed. ATTENTION: If you defined a region and don't use worldguard, the mob will NEVER spawn, simply because he's more or less "never in that region"


    /cspawn add TestMob false - TestMob will spawn everywhere, but never in a group/always alone.

    /cspawn add TestMob true 3 1.0 - TestMob will spawn everywhere as a group of 1 to 3 mobs with the weight of 100 related to other custommobs.

    /cspawn add TestMob true 3 0.5 b:Forest - TestMob will spawn as a group of 1 to 3 mobs, but only in forest biomes and with the weight of 50 related to other custommobs.

    /cspawn add TestMob true 2 0.0 w:flatworld - TestMob will spawn as a group of 1 to 2 mobs, but only in the world called "flatworld", but with the weight of 0 related to other custommobs, so basically never...

    /cspawn add TestMob true 4 0.76 b:Forest w:flatworld - TestMob will spawn as a group of 1 to 4 mobs, but only in the world called "flatworld" and only in forest biomes, with a weight of 76 related to other custommobs.

    /cspawn remove <FileName>
    Removes a mob from being spawned randomly.

    Permission: custommobs.cspawn.remove

    Simple. The mob will no longer be spawned randomly. This will NOT delete the mob!

    Example: /cspawn remove TestMob

    /cspawn list
    Lists all mobs that are spawned randomly.

    Permission: custommobs.cspawn.list

    Just shows you, which mobs are spawned randomly.

    Example: /cspawn list

    Overview of the /crespawncommands.

    Permission: custommobs.cmduse

    Overview of the /crespawn commands. What else?

    Example: /crespawn

    /crespawn add <Filename> <Time in seconds> <x> <y> <z>
    Sets the mob to respawn.

    Permission: custommobs.crespawn.add

    A custommob can only have 1 respawnLocation. this means 'add'-ing more locations will just change the location where it respawns to the last-added. Any killed mob may trigger the respawn timer. this means if you have 2 mobs with name 'test' - if you kill one, it will respawn at the location specified, if you kill the other mob while the respawntimer is running, there will only spawn 1 mob. if you want to create a boss mob follow 2 important guides: set the limit to 1. this prevents spawning issues for boss mobs. second: make sure he can't escape! if he flees and you can't find it anymore, you have to reload/restart the server to spawn it again!


    /crespawn add TestMob 5 - TestMob will respawn after 5 seconds after being killed at the block the player's looking at.

    /crespawn add TestMob 5 10 60 10 - TestMob will respawn after 5 seconds after being killed at the coordinates x=10, y=60, z=10

    /crespawn remove <Filename>
    removes the mob from the respawning-list

    Permission: custommobs.crespawn.remove

    Simple. i don't think i have to explain too much. Anyways a mob can only be removed if it respawns.


    /crespawn remove TestMob - TestMob will no longer respawn.


    - Put the plugin-jar into the plugins folder.
    - Ensure the server's running on a Java 8 Runtime Environment

    • "frequency" (default: 10)
    Its range can be from 0 to 100. It defines, if there are mobs defined to spawn randomly across your world, how likely it is for them to spawn in case a spawn has been sheduled at a specific location in the world.
    • "spawnAtStartup" (default: false)
    Connected to the /crespawn-settings. If a mob is set to respawn at a certain location this mob will spawn there at server startup if this is set to true.
    • "spawnAtStartupDelay" (default: 100)
    Connected to the /crespawn-settings. If spawnAtStartup is 'true' all mobs that set to respawn at their defined location will spawn not instantly at startup, but <delay> ticks later. (1 second = 20 ticks; Which means by default they will respawn 5 seconds after startup if spawnAtStartup is set to true)
    • "spawnerRage" (default: 16)
    Connected to Spawners. This defines how near a player has to be to a spawner so the spawner actually spawns the mobs specified. Like if you are 17 blocks away, but this is set to 16, the spawner will spawn nothing.
    • "bannedMobCommands" (Includes by default: pex, restart, stop, sudo, op, reload)
    Connected to the /cmob cmd-settings. Commands listed here are banned from being executed when a mob dies. Which means if a mob has been set to shedule the command '/stop' (to stop the server obviously) when being killed, but this list contains this command as banned command, it will not execute. This secures some restrictions so that somebody who has access to the functionality of this plugin only, cannot take over the server. However, if you wish that a mob should be able to execute /stop or /restart when killed for WHATEVER reason, then you just have to remove that command from the list and reload or restart your server. Commands listed here in the config.yml must not start with the leading '/'.
    • "spawnlimitResetCommands" (Includes by default: butcher, killall)
    If one of the commands listed here is executed, all mobs with spawnLimit will be killed and the player will recieve a message about how many mobs are killed. Killing mobs with this command does not shedule the respawning. Commands listed here in the config.yml must not start with the leading '/'. Only players with the permission custommobs.* (permissions will change and multiple permissions will be introduced with v3.1) can use this functionality so be sure that all players that have access to /butcher or /killall or whatever command listed here has permissions to use the limit-resetting functionality. Permission needed for usage of spawnlimitResetCommands: custommobs.limit.flush

    • "removeCustomMobsOnChunkUnload" (default: true)
    Can be "true" or "false". If it's set to "true" all entities that originate from a custommob, will be removed if the chunk they're in gets unloaded.

    • "removeLimitedMobsOnChunkUnload" (default: true)
    Can be "true" or "false". If it's set to "true" all entities that originate from a custommob AND have a spawnlimit, will be removed if the chunk they're in gets unloaded. In case you're using the spawnlimit feature, it's highly suggested leaving this option set to true!

    • "respectWorldGuardDenySpawnFlag" (default: true)
    Can be "true" or "false". Requires WorldGuard to have any functionality. If it's set to "true" the plugin will respect WorldGuards "denySpawn" flag. So, no custommob will spawn in a region that has "denySpawn" set to true.
    • "respectWorldGuardMobSpawningFlag" (default: true)
    Can be "true" or "false". Requires WorldGuard to have any functionality. If it's set to "true" the plugin will respect WorldGuards "mobSpawning" flag. So, if the custommob's entity-type is listed in the "mobSpawning" flag in a region that the custommob tries to spawn in, it will not spawn.

    • "leashViolationTolerance" (default: 100)
    Can be any integer number from 0 to 2147483647. The lower the number, the harder the mob will be pushed back when hitting the leash-maxRange - if the tolerance limit is reached the mob will be teleported back to its spawn location. Tolerance == 0 -> teleport back to spawn location when hitting the leash-maxRange!
    • "useFullControl" (default: false)
    Can be either enabled (true) or disabled (false). When first started with "true", the Plugin will generate all files needed for using this feature. It allows controlling the biome-dependent mob-spawns of default minecraft. For example if you don't want a Horse spawn on Plains anymore, so just remove the section "Horse" in "PLAINS" - after restart, minecraft won't spawn anymore horses on the plains biome. This functionality modifies minecraft's biomes and mobspawning. Use with caution!

    • "debug" (default: false)
    Enables debug mode. It's recommended to leave this option disabled, however, enabling it enables messages that help debugging/finding bugs/issues in case you're experiencing some.

    • "languageFile" (default: "en_US")
    The language file to select. By default it is the english language file that's included in the plugin. (4.14: there aren't any more language files. In case you want to create one for a specific language, please do so and send it to me). It searches for a language file in the "lang" folder in the CustomMobs plugin folder.

    • "worldSpawnFrequency" (default: 5)
    Defines the tick interval of the worldspawner. The WorldSpawner tries to find valid spawn locations for mobs once each interval. The lower the interval, the more often the spawner executes and vice versa. The worldspawner handles the spawning of mobs that are defined via /cspawn.

    • "worldSpawnThreshold" (default: 256)
    The threshold at which the worldspawner will stop spawning mobs. Values between 16 and 512 can be entered. The higher this number, the less mobs will be spawned by the worldspawner overall and vice versa.

    Known Issues
    • See the Github issue page linked above.
    Developer API

    The API can be found on github along with the src.
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