CustomPlayerPing 1.0.0

Let players ping each other in game like IRC

  1. Silent
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    What does it do?
    Pretty simple, when a player writes the real-minecraft name of another player in chat, it'll notify that player with a sound. You can define the sound in the config. Additionally, you can grant players a permission to allow them to turn it off. It will save this decision until they decide to turn it back on.

    • /pingtoggle - Turn off notifications

    • customplayerping.toggle - Allow players to turn off ping notifications
    • - Allow players to ping other players
    • pingSound - The sound that plays when a player is pinged. You can change it to any of these sounds: NOTE: the sound is case sensitive. I'll fix this in an update shortly :)
    • NOT_A_PLAYER - The message sent to console when it tries to execute /pingtoggle
    • PING_TOGGLED_OFF - The message sent to a player when they toggle their ping off.
    • PING_TOGGLED_ON - The message sent to a player when they toggle their ping on.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hamburger123598
    Version: 1.0.0
    I would have never thought of this lol. Simple, but useful, perfect for really any gamemode or server :P