CustomPots 2.1

Custom potions:)))

  1. ImOffline

    Custom potionss for your PvP or any other type of server

    -CUSTOM POTIONS - creates command /cpot(drinkable pots), /splcpot(splash pots)[Permissions - cpot and spl.cpot]. You can create custom potions(configurable material, effect, duration and it's level). List of all materials and effects can be found here -
    Also, potion can be named(watch help command just /cpot, /splcpot) - SUPPORTS COLOR CODES.
    -Backpack with stats and commands with permission
    -/pbk - opens your potions backpack
    -/pbk add - put potion in your hand in backpack
    -/pbkclear - clear your backpack(with confirmation)
    -Reworked giving of custom potions

    1.You need to installed Skript plugin
    2.You need to installed SkQuery 3 AND 4 plugin
    3.You need to installed Umbaska 2.0 plugin
    4.Put .sk file in directory(remove older version if their name isn't equal)
    5.Type /sk reload custompots on your launched server
    6.Feel free to play

    Leave suggestions in "Discussions" or PM me. Also PM me if there's bugs. Please, leave a reviews;)

    To-Do List:
    -Creating potions via GUI menu
    -wait for your suggestions;)

    I will help you with any problems: )))
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Recent Updates

  1. Download fix
  2. Backpacks is HERE!!!
  3. Small fix

Recent Reviews

  1. TheLolux
    Version: 2.1
    Commands works perfectly! The perfect tool for creating potions on a rpg server, thanks for this script.
  2. Rezz
    Version: 1.1
    The reviewer below me is out of his mind. This Skript is far better than any that he's released.

    With that out of the way, what exactly is the difference between /cpot and /splcpot? Also, consider using "if, else if, and else" structure instead of "if, stop".
    1. ImOffline
      Author's Response
      /splcpot gives you splash potions. So i didn't need to use "else if" because "else" hasn't any reason to be used
  3. Chearful
    Version: 1.1
    Noobish skript. Honestly, you're using /give commands !?!?!?!?!? In fact this new command named "give" is a weird command. You are forgetting the slash on the execute console command. Learn to actually use Skript properly. For the love of god.
    1. ImOffline
      Author's Response
      Emmmhhh... all commands works perfectly for me and i didn't know any other way to give custom potions 'cuz skript doesn't have any option to do this... and i didn't have enough knowledges to make it with JS.
      In the fact, "/" in "execute console command "..."" do not required.
      I've written Annihilation skript fully and i think that i've enough knowledges of Skript...