CustomRecipes Lots of FEATURES!! Added more items! 1.1

will allow players to make something that isn't possible Normal.Really UseFull!!!!

  1. PeterXonwiiXx
    What it does?
    - With normal minecraft in SURVIVAL you wouldn't be able to create somehting like cobweb or something..
    - Here you CAN,try it out!

    How to install?
    - download CustomRecipes.jar and put it as plugin in your server,restart and it will create a Config.yml.

    - NONE

    - Config includes:
    - Cobweb.receive: 5
    Means that when a player make cobweb they receive 5,can always change if you want.

    DONE - Bottle o' Enchanthing
    DONE - Saddle
    DONE - Ice
    - Horse armor (Iron , Gold , Diamond)
    - Chain armor
    - Nether Star
    - Name Tag
    - Im thinking to add Music disk's but not sure yet. ;)

    Known Bugs:
    - NONE

    Any questions,ask down below here and i do my best,if want anything added,just message down here.


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    they play: BO3 , CS:GO , Runescape , Minecraft , LOL and some more
    Includes OPEN Teamspeak(ip can be found on website)

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  1. Added more items!