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Set a custom date for your server, perfect for RPG servers

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    PlaceholderAPI (PAPI)


    This plugin allows you to set a custom date on your server (day, month, year) that actually updates with each Minecraft day! Additionally, time will only pass if at least one player is in the specified world.


    Do not forget to change the world in the config if it is not named "world"! The starting date can be changed in the config. Everything starts at 0. This means the 1st is day 0 and January is also 0. For example if you were trying to make the date December 31st, 2010 you would write the following in the config.yml:

    Day: 30
    Month: 11
    Year: 2010

    You would then need to reload the config /customservertime reload

    NOTE: If you change the world in the config you need to restart your server or reload it with /reload confirm for it to update properly.

    - Shows the date
    /customservertime reload - Reloads the config.yml

    customservertime.reload - Gives access to the reload command


    Use %customservertime_date%

    Example using PAPI with the TAB plugin:

    Code (Text):
    World: world

    Day: 20
    Month: 2
    Year: 1998

    FirstMonth: "January"
    SecondMonth: "February"
    ThirdMonth: "March"
    FourthMonth: "April"
    FifthMonth: "May"
    SixthMonth: "June"
    SeventhMonth: "July"
    EighthMonth: "August"
    NinthMonth: "September"
    TenthMonth: "October"
    EleventhMonth: "November"
    TwelthMonth: "December"
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