CustomShop [1.14.x - 1.17] 1.7.3

Vending Machines and Newt's Briefcases [Compatible with ItemsAdder, LocaleLib, crate plugins]

  1. [New] ItemsAdder Compatibility, Lands Support and Bug Fixes

    The following changes have been made:
    - Added ItemsAdder compatibility! Download the add-on here.
    - Added support for Lands' claim protection, block break and build flags.
    - Uses ProtocolLib as a soft-dependency to increase stability.
    - Remove formatting/colours from inventory view titles to give a more vanilla look.
    - Uses economy plugin provided formatting for price tags.
    - Added configurable option to round down the price to nearest integer if the currency is whole numbers. (e.g. emeralds)
    - Added configurable maximum price players can set items for.
    - Fix owners unable to break uninitialised briefcases after unsuccessful attempts to interact with it.

    If you have downloaded an earlier version...
    - Replace the outdated .jar file with the updated .jar file.
    - Remove the config.yml, or back it up else where.
    - If have ItemsAdder installed, refer here for more info about the add-on.
    - Start/Restart the server.
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