CustomShop [1.14.x - 1.17] 1.7.3

Vending Machines and Newt's Briefcases [Compatible with ItemsAdder, LocaleLib, crate plugins]

  1. [New] LocaleLib and custom languages support update

    The following changes have been made:
    - Language YAML files are now saved into languages sub-directory for sanity sake.
    - You can now make a copy of and configure your own custom language files in languages sub-directory. (Say you made a language file named alien.yml, then set your language config in config.yml as alien)
    - Item without display name now returns an eye-pleasing material name in messages. (i.e. Grass Block instead of GRASS_BLOCK)
    - Added support for LocaleLib to translate items without display name to player's client language.

    If you have downloaded an earlier version...
    - Replace the outdated .jar file with the updated .jar file.
    - Start/Restart the server.
    - WARNING: The database table for pending transaction messages will be re-created (i.e shop owners will not receive messages for transactions made while he was offline prior to the update, upon joining the server after the update).
    - You can safely delete any language files in plugin's main directory (where config.yml resides in).
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