CustomShop [1.14.x - 1.17] 1.7.3

Vending Machines and Newt's Briefcases [Compatible with ItemsAdder, LocaleLib, crate plugins]

  1. CustomShop 1.0 - Break the limits of conventional chest-shops!

    The following changes have been made:
    - Changed textures of vending machines to exactly two blocks, they look legit now! :)
    - Players are now unable to break newt's briefcases without fully removing all items within.
    - /customshop removeshop now remove shops without drops.
    - Add permission node customshop.removeshop as part of admin permissions to use /customshop removeshop command.
    - Fix retrieving/purchasing un-stackable items from shop giving player illegal stacks.
    - Fix close button for vending machines.
    - Fix database unbounded value error message (doesn't affect game).

    If you have downloaded an earlier version...
    - Replace the outdated .jar file with the updated .jar file.
    - Update the resource pack with the new one.
    - Delete entire CustomShop folder in plugins folder.
    - Start/Restart the server.


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