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CustomSkulls 0.1

Spawn player skulls with any skin you like

  1. macizun
    Ever found yourself wishing that someone had made their skin a glowstone block, so you could decorate your spawn?

    Now, with CustomSkulls, you can put any skin you like onto a skull, and this plugin makes it super easy to do so.

    Run the /customskulls <customSkullName> command, and you'll get a skull in your inventory. Now, you can right click any existing skull to change it's skin, or place the skull in your hand directly.

    Code (Text):

    custom-skull-name: "http://link.to/your/skin"
    Commands and Permissions
    /customskull - Main command - customskulls.use
    /customskull <customSkullName> - Summon a custom skull - customskulls.spawn.all or customskulls.spawn.<customSkullName>

    Source and Bug Reports
    You can find the source for this plugin here


    And submit bug reports here


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    Version: 0.1
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