CustomSkulls 1.0.0

Get a Head from a Player or a Skin on the Internet

  1. 20suki09
    DISCLAIMER: 1.8.4 Clients are NOT able to see Skulls with skins from the Internet (They See a Head with Steve/Alex Skin) .

    CustomSkulls is a very Simple, but usefull Plugin for getting Skulls (Heads) of Players or from Skins on the Internet.

    The Plugin is only having one Command called "/CustomSkull" wich gives you the Head you want.

    The Plugin is having a Userfriendly Config, wich allows you to disable Skulls from Link's or Names, also it is possible to Change all Messages.

    The only Permission this Plugin have is "CustomSkulls.use" wich allows you to use the /CustomSkull command