CustomSpawner 1.0.2

Manage and customize your spawners easily.

  1. Llexows
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    Introduction >>

    CustomSpawner is a plugin which allows player to change mob spawners type easily from a GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    It provides complete configuration file to customize the GUI, plugin messages and it's also compatible with a lot of economy plugins like iConomy to add prices.


    Features >>

    » Change mob spawner type from a GUI by clicking on his associated egg.
    » Select spawner type among all the availables living entities.
    » Economy system using Vault to add prices.

    » Spawner breaking restrictions.
    » Get special pickaxe who allows players to save spawner when destroy.

    » Multiples commands to manage server spawners.
    » Complete configuration file.
    » Customizable plugin messages.
    » Customizable GUI entities eggs (Title, Price, Status)
    » Permissions to limit commands usage.
    » Specify amount when giving spawner.
    » Permission to control spawner types GUI access (Can be used as donator perk).
    » Buy spawner from a sign.
    » Permission to control spawner sign shop creation.

    Configuration >>

    CustomSpawner plugin provides an almost complete configuration file :

    Messages :


    Commands >>


    Permissions >>
    • customspawner.*
    -> Give access to all the plugin commands.

    • customspawner.give
    -> Allows player to use give command.

    • customspawner.pickaxe
    -> Allows player to give magic pickaxe.

    • customspawner.bypass
    -> Allows player to enable/disable bypass mode.

    • customspawner.gui

    -> Allows player to open spawner types GUI.

    • customspawer.buysign
    -> Allows player to create spawner sign shop
    Note: In this release you can only buy spawners, I'll add the possibily to sell them in the next update.

    (OP players are free to use all the commands.)

    Create buy sign >>

    Line 1: [customspawner]
    Line 2: <spawner_type>
    Line 3: <Price>

    Example :


    It sells Skeleton spawner for 50000$

    Issue detected >>

    If you have an issue, send me a message and I'll fix it with you or in a future update.


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Recent Reviews

  1. copy
    Version: 1.0.2
    Wow! Yes! Finally, a spawner shop plugin, with signs that works in 1.11!

    I have some suggestions though and it would be great if you add them as I really want to use this on my server network!

    1]. Update with new mob-types.
    2]. Change pickaxe durability to full.
    3]. Add (/cs giveall) to give all only players a magic pickaxe.
    4]. Make '[CustomShop]' on sign changeable from the config.

    Really love the plugin though, 5/5 stars and 100% recommend it to everyone who is looking for a 1.11 spawner shop plugin.
  2. Amanthemoneyman
    Version: 1.0.2
    This plugins great, would you mind if I used the name? I'm currently coding this and I don't know if I'm allowed to use the same name (Even though there are many custom spawner plugins)
    1. Llexows
      Author's Response
      Yes you can ;)