CustomStarters 1.1

A new way to give your kit!

  1. cor_bear
    TrpkGod | Arkolly

    Ever get tired of the same ol' "Join the server, kits in your inventory, and you just go?" Why not be different, and give a more fun and interactive way of giving kits. I introduce to you, CustomStarters!
    As the name is stated above, it is exactly what you think! Basically, it allows you, the Server Owner, to give a surprise chest to your players for the ultimate kit. Trapped Chest must be placed for this upload.

    Currently for this version, you may use essentials to give the item to the player. If not, then please wait till I add an update for giving items on join.

    Setup: Plain and simple. All you have to do is upload the plugin to your server, change the config however you like, and reload! It is that easy.
    Below I will show you the config and explain more in-depth about it.

    Code (Text):
        material: STONE
        amount: 1
        - DIG_SPEED:1
        - DURABILITY:1
        material: COBBLESTONE
        amount: 2
        enchantments: []
    Numbers: Any amount you would like (default is 100)
    Amount: Any amount you would like
    Enchantments: The following enchants you are able to use are located here-

    Side Note: This is my first plugin, I am looking for suggestions and Feedback. Also feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoy the plugin, Thank you for reading this!

    - You're downloading a plugin by myself.
    - You may not Decompile and or modify the source of this plugin without my permission.
    - This Plugin does NOT require any other plugin(s).

    - Add naming capabilities
    ETA: 24-48 hours
    - Add effects
    ETA: Undecided
    - Add different methods to get kits
    ETA: Undecided

Recent Updates

  1. Added items to give when player joins!