CustomTabBukkit 1.3

This plugin allow you to define player's tab header and footer

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    This plugin allow you to define player's tab header and footer

    In the plugins\CustomTab folder you have 3 files :

    If you want to bind the plugin with the Bungee version to get global data (Like bungee's playerscounts...), the plugin will work as local tab and bukkit as local tab (local datas and bungee datas can be use both in global and local configs)

    footer.cfg & header.cfg:
    To change the tab data, you can use "&" for color and this to add information :
    Code (Text):

    %localdisplayname% : Local player's display name
    %localname% : Local player's name
    %worldname% : Local player's world name
    %localmotd% : Local server M.O.T.D.
    %localversion% : Local server version
    %localservername% : Local server name
    %localmaxplayer% : Local max player counts
    %localplayerscounts% : Local player counts
    %x%, %y%, %z% : Player's location
    %px%, %py%, %pz% : Accurate player's location
    %tps% : Server TPS
    %ldate% : Local machine date
    %lcping% : Local player's ping
    %lping% : Local player's ping with color
    %ldate-<format>% : Machine date with a specific format :
    %swap-<colors>% or %s-<colors>% : swap every second in a list of colors %swaplight% or %swapheavy% for light/heavy color synchronised (%s-<color>% / %sl% / %sh% also works)
    %swaptext-delay-text1;;text2;;...% : swap every every delay (in second) in a list of texts (%st-(...) also work)
    (Check Bungee plugin's Options List if you set bungeecord on true in your configs)

    Example :
    with the configs :
    Code (Text):

    %sh%Hello %sl%%localname%%sh% ! %s-54dc%❤
    %sh%Time: %sl%%ldate%%sh% c:
    Code (Text):

    %sh%Server: %sl%%localservername%%sh% / Ping: %sl%%lping%
    %sh%Players: %sl%%localplayerscounts%%sh% / tps: %sl%%tps%
    %st-2-My 1rs option;;My second option;;My 3rd option%
    LocalTab command /ltab

    You can edit tab in game with /ltab :

    /ltab footer
    /ltab opt


    Code (Text):
    ctp.ltab : use /ltab command
    ctp.ltab.reload : Reload config
    ctp.ltab.opt : Show available text options : Show tab part
    ctp.ltab.delline : Delete a line
    ctp.ltab.addline : Add a line
    ctp.ltab.setline : Set a line

    You can implement your own options of your Bukkit plugin with the API, check here for more information.

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