CustomTabBungee 1.3

This plugin allow you to define player's tab header and footer

  1. Advanced Options

    New options :
    - %date-<format>% : Machine date with a specific format :

    - %swap-<colors>% : swap every second in a list of colors
    - %swaptext(-delay)?-text1;;text2;;...% : swap every second (or every delay (in second)) in a list of texts

    - new Pattern-Matcher text option registering...
  2. Global Tab Command

    New permissions:
    ctp.gtab : use /gtab command
    ctp.gtab.reload : Reload config
    ctp.gtab.opt : Show available text options : Show tab part
    ctp.gtab.delline : Delete a line
    ctp.gtab.addline : Add a line
    ctp.gtab.setline : Set a line
    New command:
    /gtab <header|footer|opt|reload> [setline|addline|delline|show]
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  3. Better integration

    - An integration can be made with an other plugin, an example can be found by clicking here
    - 2 new text options :
    %chatmode% : Player's chat mode
    %mainhand% : Player's main hand