CustomTime 2.0

Speed up or slow down the day/night cycle

  1. jcv8000
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    • 1.16

    Version 2.0
    By jcv8000
    Built on spigot-api-1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
    Updated for 1.16.1


    CustomTime is a simple plugin used to control the day/night cycle. You can speed up or slow down time any way you like.

    You can set day or night separately to last a certain number of real-life seconds, minutes, hours, or days, or you can specify a multiplier like '2x' to make time move 2x as fast.

    The values for length/multiplier can be decimals. Setting the multiplier less than 1 slows down time, greater than 1 speeds up time.

    Worlds can be controlled individually, and supports other worlds created by plugins like MultiVerse. They can't be nether or end worlds though.

    The command structure has been rewritten to be a lot simpler.

    Typing ' /ct ' by itself will display information about the day/night cycle for all worlds that it is affecting.

    This is the general usage of the command:

    /ct [day/night] [value][s/m/h/d/x] [world (optional)]

    s = seconds, m = minutes, h = hours, d = days, using x will apply that number as a multiplier.
    (Leaving the [world] parameter blank uses the world that the player is currently in. If left blank in the console it uses the level-name from

    Example: If you wanted to make the day/night cycle last 24 real hours (in the default world), you would do this:
    /ct day 12h
    /ct night 12h

    Example: Make day and night last 10 seconds each in a MultiVerse world called 'testWorld':
    /ct day 10s testWorld
    /ct night 10s testWorld

    Just download the latest .jar file and put it in your server's "plugins" folder.

    The permission node customtime.* gives that user/group access to use '/ct' and change the day/night cycle

    2.0 Update Information:
    I rewrote the whole plugin from scratch with a lot more knowledge about programming this time, and fixed a lot of problems.

    The command structure has been greatly simplified and reduced the command logic from about 720 lines of code to about 250 lines. The plugin no longer has separate permissions for setting/reading which makes it a little more straightforward. The repeating function that applies time changes has been optimized.

    One problem I realized was probably happening was that, if you have multiple worlds using slowed-down time, they would not be moving at the correct pace. This time each world in effect of the plugin has their own separate variable to keep track of when they need to increase time, so this should work fine now.

    Sleeping should also work now, and it will wait a few seconds before changing to the morning like vanilla does.

    I also added autocomplete to the /ct command, so when using the command in game it will show what values can be put where.

    The config.yml structure has been completely changed, so I would recommend deleting it and manually setting your previous day/night cycle settings manually with the new version

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  1. Chrysana
    Version: 2.0
    Threw onto our server and it worked immediately, autocomplete was nice. Super helpful since it became a nagging pain to have to sleep so often.
  2. Oathkeeper
    Version: 2.0
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I found a version of this on Bukkit and used it until recently when I forgot about it honestly. This was one of the few plugins with minimal impact on things in game and is simple enough to set and forget.
  3. Tropik
    Version: 2.0
    I love this is plugin, i happy if reliase new version, i use this plugin of spigot, i using old version andexperimented install for new version, this worked but errors. I will use new version 2.0 for new version minecraft 1.16 and be happy if develover be update more versions ))

    3.5 years i wait this plugin

    Thanks for this plugin!