CustomTPA 1.8.2

Define regions to have users teleporting to specific coordinates while TPA a player inside a region!

  1. maol3
    CustomTPA 1.8.2

    Always wanted to be able to define your own regions for TPA, to avoid players from teleporting over parts of the map that they should be required to go through? It's now possible!

    This plugin, CustomTPA, lets you define your own regions and specify the desired teleport location for TPA'ing to a players in the certain region. It also lets you select if teleporting should be enabled or not, if the desired player is not inside any of the regions specified.

    If you've got Essentials installed on your server, this plugin will replace the TPA commands that Essentials is offering. This plugin will however, offer the same features that Essentials do, if you still wish to use regular TPA besides the regionbased TPA!

    So what is this good for?
    If there is a place that you shouldn't be able to get back to (i.e. the first spawning room) you can choose that if a player is attempting to TPA a player inside that region, the player will be teleported to the nearliest location that they SHOULD be able to get to.

    It can also be very useful if you've got a world with many different courses (like parkours) and people should be allowed teleporting to each other - but obviously not to the end of a course. You can then define for each course, that if a player is TPA'ing to a player inside of one of the courses, they will be teleported to the entrance of the course instead.

    Default configuration:

    /tpa <player> - Asks a player if they may teleport to him/her.
    /tpaccept <player> - Accepts a player to teleport them, or to the coordinates specified for the region they are in.
    /tpdeny <player> - Denies a player from teleporting to them.
    /tpatoggle - Toggles teleporting to you on and off. (Not replacing Essentials' /tptoggle)
    /tpareload - Reloads the configuration file.
    /tpainfo - Displays information about CustomTPA.

    There are no permissions. Everyone on your server will be able to use this plugin.
    You must be an operator to use /tpareload.

    Allow editing of the messages sent by the plugin, directly in the configuration file.
    Enabling multi-world support. Currently, it does only work on one world of your choise.

    Any suggestions? Please let me know! :)