CustomUbi | LOCATION SAVER 1.3

A plugin to save custom locations

  1. TheWhite
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    I was bored at home and decided to make this simple plugin :giggle:. With this plugin you can create locations and save them to later access them. You can get the coordinates of the locations, teleport to them, see a list of your saved locations, among other things.​
    Enjoy it ;)


    - customubi.* (access to all commands)
    - customubi.use (general permission to use /ubi, /ubi save <location name>, /ubi <location name>, /ubi list and /ubi del <location name>)
    - customubi.del (permission for deleting players saved locations (/ubi del <player name> <location name>))
    - (permission for teleporting to locations (/ubi tp <location name>))
    - customubi.tpo (permission for teleporting to someone else location (/ubi tp <player name> <location name>))
    - customubi.share (permission for sharing locations (/ubi share <player name> <location name>))
    - customubi.copy (permission for copying locations (/ubi copy <player name> <location name>))
    - customubi.otherlist (permission for seeing the locations saved by someone else (/ubi list <player name>))
    - customubi.otherubi (permission for seeing the coords of a specific location saved by another player (/ubi <player name> <location name>))
    - customubi.reload (permission for reloading plugin config files (/ubi reload))

    If you are not using any permissions plugin and the permissions are enabled (in config.yml), only OP players will be able to use the commands



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