Dab Maps[1.10 Offhand updating map] 1.1

Map plugin using PlayerMap

  1. Dablakbandit
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Map updates as you move around the world


    Are you tired of making many different maps just to see the surrounding area? Well this map updates as you move around the world. Also with a awesome cave mode where you can see what is around you under ground.

    Required permission to show up on the playermap: dabmaps.use
    Cave mode permission: dabmaps.cave

    This plugin requires PlayerMap to work

    Example of the cave mode:

    By downloading this plugin you agree to the following:
    1. You will not redistribute/resell/forward/send this plugin to anyone for any reason
    2. You may not decompile or attempt to look at the source code
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Recent Reviews

  1. Gasha
    Version: 1.1
    This plugin is totally outdated and
    This plugin is very bad for server performance
    No update in more then 2 years

    Developer don't provide any support, he don't even answering for monthes

    Don't recommend using this plugin or buying anything from this developer as you can see that he don't work on his plugins for years
  2. Ciprite
    Version: 1.0g
    Awesome plugin. Nice and simple. :) This plugin is perfect for a survival server or just for fun. If you need help in a cave, just look on your map. Nice!
  3. haelexuis
    Version: 1.0d
    Excellent plugin!!
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  4. Eddiefuse
    Version: 1.0a
    Great plugin, the cave mode is just awesome!
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I thought people might like it