DailyRaffle 2.1

Keep bringing players back by holding automated raffles at custom intervals with any command!

  1. Nateb1121
    What is Daily Raffle?
    Users should be in love with your server, and want to keep coming back day after day. How do you do this? DailyRaffle is how. DailyRaffle lets your users be able to be excited for a raffle that you control when it happens, and what it gives. You're in total control. Your server is already awesome, why not make it even more awesome? Why not DailyRaffle? Why not excite your users?

    Latest Feature!
    You are now able to add yourself to the black list!

    What's configurable?
    You can configure the time between raffles, the commands DR runs, and the minimum players needed online for a raffle to occur. You may also configure the chat prefix. Consult the auto generated configuration file for more information regarding each field.

    Firstly, download the .jar of the latest version and place it into your servers /plugins/ file, on first run the plugin will auto generate a default configuration file, you will find it in /plugins/DailyRaffle/ edit the plugin as needed in accordance with your needs and the guidelines found within the configuration file..

    * DailyRaffle.use Allows use of the command ./dr
    * DailyRaffle.toggle Allows players to toggle them selves from the list of possible winners. (or puts them on the black list)

    * ./dr on Turns DailyRaffle on
    * ./dr off Turns DailyRaffle off
    * ./dr stat Tells you the statues of DailyRaffle
    * ./dr reload Reloads the plugin
    * ./dr help A help command
    *./dr manraffle Starts a raffle with out affecting the automated schedule. (New in Version 1.2)
    *./dr toggle Toggles yourself from the plugins black list (New in Version 1.9)

    As of version 1.2 this plugin uses MCStats, you may op-out at any time, though this helps me know how my plugin is being used. Though it is your decision.

    Feature Requests
    Like DailyRaffle, but have an idea to make yourself love it? Feel free to let me know! I'd be more than happy to add it!

Recent Updates

  1. Config Fix
  2. New Custom Commands [Rewritten!]

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