DailyShop Free | An advanced shop plugin 3.7B

Advanced shop plugin with daily offers, dynamic prices, stock, mutiple-economies and more!

  1. Divios
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Recent Reviews

  1. YTM
    Version: 3.7B
    Great plugin, Pre-warning don't expect dev support right away. Its been a week for me since purchasing and i'm having many un-resolved issues.

    You also can't edit "DailyShop" free advertisement part of every message in the premium version, if that bothers you.

    I just want to be able to customise all text, Excluding parts in lang.yml is a bit nasty to premium purchases especially.

    4/5 only because DailyShop part isn't in lang.yml and also no responses to anyone in a week by the dev :(

    I do get you might be busy with work or may be sick. Sorry if that's the case! Just getting frustrated over here!
  2. qscbm187531
    Version: 3.7B
    This is a great plug-in. May I ask the author if I can reprint it to mcbbs (China's largest mincraft Forum). It is a reprint rather than a release. I will mark that the plug-in is completely developed by you and paste the original address. I will not declare that the plug-in is developed by me. I just translate English into Chinese so that more Chinese people can understand this plug-in. I won't upload plug-in files. I'll let them come to this post to download. I'm just a middleman.
    Thank you!
  3. ValenGamerXD
    Version: 3.7B
    Good plugin, some suggestions:
    Add option to type material name ingame instead of having to search in a GUI.
    Add a config to customize the confirm GUI.
  4. SNokerYT
    Version: 3.6.0
    Thank you for the continuous updates mate! It's appreciated a lot! keep up the hard work! Awesome plugin, 100% Customizable! highly recommend this to all economy-based servers with shops!
  5. Roggy
    Version: 3.6.0
    I will give 5 start, but please can you tell me, how to give the permission to sell or buy an items
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      Hi! Please do not review the resource for support, send me a private message instead or check the wiki. Players need dailyrandomShop.open and DailyRandomShop.open.* btw
  6. KickSquare_
    Version: 3.6.0
    I used this plugin a few months ago before the 3.0.0 recode and loved it. Really disappointed with the recode; the drag-to-sell menu was such an amazing feature and got removed, and the whole multi-shop system ruins the purpose of having a variety of items in the daily shop. It's no longer unique, it's basically ShopGui+ with a little randomization now.
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      Hi! It really pains me to hear this, I always try to improve the plugin for the better but I guess I cannot please everyone. I guess it may look like shopGui+ right now but it aims to be way better than that with lots of cool and unique features and I will make that is accomplished (On the premium version). Also I plan to add back the drag-and-sell menu in the near future.

      Pd: thanks for the constructive review btw
  7. Habermann
    Version: 3.4.4
    Please add pointsapi support.
    That's all it takes for 5 starsThat's all it takes for 5 stars
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      Hi! Sure I'll add it but custom economies are only available on the premium version
  8. Rikachu
    Version: 3.3.7
    :( When I want to Put a Npc, I can't. It Is Also In The Plugin Named Chest Commands. I wrote from the translator, sorry if there is a typo xD.
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      Hi there!

      First don't rate the plugin based on a bug or something you can't achieve as npcs are supported, go to discurssions or pm me. Second, I can't help you if you just said "I can't", I need more information.
  9. h316098438
    Version: 3.3.5
    One store is not enough , could the author consider adding some? now I have to use this plugin while installing another plugin,such as quickshop
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      hi, thanks for the review! The multi-shop feature is only for the premium version and it is highly unlikely to change as I spend a lot of time on this plugin and it keeps the project alive. I hope you understand
  10. Mihail1328
    Version: 3.0.6
    1. Divios
      Author's Response
      Hi! You are right, there was a mistake on my part on the config values, it ll be fixed on the next update