[DailySpin] Animated Roullete, Daily Reward 1.0

Daily reward plugin made for fun!

  1. vanderingUser
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    DailySpin isn't your regular Rewards system its a Animated daily based system. With an amazing Roulette animation, Unique style. Gives your server the Unique style it deserves. With an amazing configurable rewards system as simple as just one line. continue down to see all its features!
    • Unlimited rewards.
    • MySQL Support.
    • 1k+ Placeholders.
    • Fully customization.
    • Amazing time-format customization!
    • Unlimited commands.
    • Dynamic GUI.
    • Supports PlaceholdersAPI.
    • BungeeCord friendly.
    • EULA Friendly.
    • Sound support command.
    • Firework support command.
    • User-Friendly help command.
    • A Must have for networks!
    1. Download the requirements below(PlaceholdersAPI)
    2. Download DailySpin latest version.
    3. Place the required dependencies(optional) and DailySpin on your plugins folder.
    4. Start your server.
    5. Wait for the plugin to enable and generate needed files.
    6. Stop the server, Configure the config.yml and rewards.yml inside the storage folder, Config them to your needs.
    7. Start and enjoy!
    /dailyspin (Opens rewards GUI)
    Perm: dailyspin.open

    /dailyspin <player> (Opens rewards GUI for specified player)
    Perm: dailyspin.open.others

    /dailyspin reload reloads the plugin configs and rewards/cooldowns
    Perm: dailyspin.reload

    /dailyspin clearcooldowns (Clears all cooldowns from your self.)
    Perm: dailyspin.clearcooldowns

    /dailyspin clearcooldowns <player> (Clears all cooldowns from the specified player.)
    Perm: dailyspin.clearcooldowns.others

    /dailyspin addreward <chance> Adds the reward with the specified chance, coming soon...
    Perm: dailyspin.addreward

    /dailyspin help (Get help message)
    Perm: dailyspin.help