DakadoSpawn 2.4

Simple spawn plugin for your server!

  1. Dakado

    DakadoSpawn is a advanced Spawn plugin, it was originally designed for my Bukkit server but I decided to share. This pluguin is independent, so you do not need any other plugins. There are few commands only and some extra configuration settings, but you do not need to configure anything. All messages from this plugin are configurable.

    - Option for forcing player to spawn after join
    - Spawn command
    - Player speed control
    - Force-Spawn cooldown
    - Spawning other players
    - Setspawn command
    - Configurable messages
    - Reloading config
    - Playing sounds on spawn!
    - Supports 193 sounds!

    Commands & permissions:
    description: Teleports to spawn
    usage: /spawn (player)
    permission: spawn.spawn​
    description: Sets the spawn.
    usage: /ss
    permission: spawn.setspawn​
    description: Sets the spawn
    usage: /setspawn
    permission: spawn.setspawn​
    description: Reloads config
    usage: /spawnreload
    permission: spawn.reload​
    description: Shows the list of supported sounds
    usage: /soundlist
    permission: spawn.soundlist​

    Code (Text):
      forcespawn: true # Should be players teleported to spawn after login ?
      forcedeathspawn: false # Should I teleport players to spawn after they die ?
      spawnmsg: true # Spawn message on / off
      spawncooldown: 0.9 # How many sec. should I wait after player join to forcespawn him ?
      walkspeed: 0.3 # Works only if the forcespawn in enabled, can speed up or slow down players. 0.3 is default walk speed. Max is 1.0, and Min is -1.0.
      spawnworld: "world" # Your spawn world (Auto set with /setspawn)
      spawnX: 0 # (Auto-set with /setspawn)
      spawnY: 0 # (Auto-set with /setspawn)
      spawnZ: 0 # (Auto-set with /setspawn)
      yaw: 0 # (Auto-set with /setspawn)
      pitch: 0 # (Auto-set with /setspawn)
      spawntp: "You have been teleported to spawn."
      spawnset: "You have setup new spawn!"
      nopermission: "You have no permission for this command!"
      volume: 10
      sound: "EXPLODE"
      enabled: true

    Feature requests, issues and questions:
    If you have any questions about my plugins post it in comments or shot me a PM. Please remember that I am coding this public plugins in my free time for you guys.

    If you want to buy me a chocolate and give me motivation please use this link.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jyndex
    Version: 2.4
    30.07 14:48:58 [Server] ERROR [DakadoSpawn] Enabling plugin...
    30.07 14:48:58 [Server] ERROR [DakadoSpawn] Loading Config...
    30.07 14:48:58 [Server] ERROR [DakadoSpawn] Loaded and Enabled!
  2. Namarith
    Version: 2.4
    This plugin does what its supposed to and then some. No errors, no performance issues, and a cool sound option. I do wish I could figure out how to tp the spawn without dying like on other server... But all in all, I would recommend this product without question. Thanks alot :)
    1. Dakado
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review, you can teleport to the spawn simply by command /spawn
  3. DfieldJr
    Version: 2.4
    GREAT Plugin! Used for my hub server. I like the added effects like the sound message and the speed in the hub =D used on my hub server Play.RetroPvP.com
    1. Dakado
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review