DakEssentials 0.9.1

Most basic features for your server in lightweight plugin!

  1. Dakado

    DakEssentials is a lightweight alternative for Essentials. We all know how many features Essentials has, but how many of them do you really use on your server ? Probably something about 10-20%, and the 80% of its features are unused and they are consuming your CPU and RAM for no reason. Thats why DakEssentials are here. We bring you only the most used features of Essentials and in DakEssentials there are not any tasks, any timers, any useless listeners. Still not enough ? No problem, you can disable any command from DakEssentials and you can disable every single feature that you do not need to save even more performance of your resources. One more important thing this plugin has nothing in common with Essentials, everything in this plugin is written by my own fingers, I have NOT copied anything from the original plugin.
    This plugin is originally designed for the GameTeam.cz network.

    • Basic usefull commands!
    • Extremely lightweight plugin!
    • All features can be disabled/enabled!
    • No running tasks, no memory flood!
    • DakEssentials does not create files for every user, so its also very lightweight for storage!
    • Colored signs!
    • Warp system with warp signs
    • Ban system!
    • Kick system!
    • Mute system!
    • Broadcasting!
    • Healing with heal signs!/li>
    • txt formated motd that you can show to your players on login!
    • Allow to join players with permission on full server!
    • Check your real time server TPS by /lag or /mem command


    description: Shows basic help command.​
    /essentials reload:
    description: Reloads all DakEssentials configs.
    permission: essentials.reload​
    /tp <player>:
    description: Teleport command.
    permission: essentials.tp.​
    /gm <0/1/2>:
    description: Changes Gamemodes.
    permission: essentials.gm​
    /setwarp <warp>:
    description: Ssves warp location.
    permission: essentials.setwarp​
    /warp <warp>:
    description: Warps to the given location.
    permission: essentials.warp
    permission: essentials.warp.warpname
    permission: essentials.warp.*​
    description: Shows current TPS, total memory, free memory and allocated memory.
    permission: essentials.lag​
    description: Broadcasts message.
    permission: essentials.broadcast​
    description: Vanish!
    permission: essentials.vanish​
    /mute <player>:
    description: Player mute.
    permission: essentials.mute​
    /unmute <player>:
    description: Player unmute.
    permission: essentials.mute​
    /ban <player>:
    description: Gives ban to player.
    permission: essentials.ban​
    /unban <player ip>:
    description: Gives unban to player.
    permission: essentials.unban​
    /banip <ip playername>:
    description: Gives IP ban, if you enter nick it will ban his IP, if you enter IP it will ban entered IP.
    permission: essentials.banip​
    /speed <0.1 - 1>:
    description: Displays speed, or set speed.
    permission: essentials.speed​
    /heal <player>:
    description: Heals you or specified player.
    permission: essentials.heal​
    /clear <player>:
    description: Clears your inventory or of specified player.
    permission: essentials.clear​

    Additional Permissions:

    essentials.* - Grants all permissions essentials.coloredsign - Allows you to write colors on signs!
    essentials.joinfullserver - Allows joining on full server!
    essentials.heal.others - Additional permission for /heal <player>
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