Damage Command 5.0

Simply adds /damage

  1. JackkGC

    The plugin simply adds the commands:
    /damage <player> <damage>


    - damage.damageall | Gives the permission to use /damage
    - damage.reload | Gives the permission to reload the plugin


    If you have any suggestions please contact me in the discussion part!

    You can now use the command as console too !
    The default config.yml is:
    #Message sent to the player when he has no perm to execute the command!
    noperm: '&cYou do not have permission to do that!'

    #Message sent to a target after the given amount of damage was taken!
    target: '&aYou got hurted by <player>!'

    #Message sent to the player who executed the command after the damage was taken by the target!
    sender: '&aYou hurted <player> !'

    #Message sent when the amount of damage is incorrect! (More damage than life/not a number/negative)
    invalid: '&4Invalid amount of damage!'

    #Message sent when the requested player is not online on this server!
    playernotfound: '&4The player <player> does not exist!'

    #Message sent when the usage is wrong!
    usage: '&4Wrong usage! Use it so: <usage>'

    #Message sent when the plugin reloads!
    reload: '&aDamageCommand is now reloaded'

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