Damage Data 1.1

The comprehensive storage solution for player damage statistics!

  1. gluebaby
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    • 1.16
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    Undead_Guppy, dinosaur

    Welcome to DamageData, the comprehensive storage solution for player damage statistics (and more!). Every instance of player damage, including the type, cause, damager (if applicable), amount, location, and time are stored in a persistent YML file. You can review your statistics in an elegant GUI accessed by running /dmghistory.

    In the above screenshot you can see an example GUI showing some damage logs. Note there are unique icons for different types of damage. Each item also has unique meta assigned to it for more specific and informative data analysis.

    Commands: Permissions:

    - /dmghistory | damagedata.read

    Upcoming Features:

    The following is a list (in order of likely appearance) of upcoming features that will be added to this plugin within a reasonable amount of time.

    1.) Configurable messages for GUI items.
    2.) Analyze other players logs even while they're offline.
    3.) MYSQL support for cross server capabilities.
    4.) Layered, deeper GUI system for organizing, sorting, and searching through logs.
    5.) Ideally later on, there will be more statistics stored than just damage.


    Developers can use this plugin in theirs!

    Code (Text):
    DamageManager dm = DamageManager.getInstance();
    dm.hasLogs(UUID id)
    dm.logEvent(Player player, DamageEvent)
    dm.getDamageEvents(UUID id)

    //DamageEvent constructors/methods

    public DamageEvent(DamageCause cause, long time, Location location, double damage);

    public DamageEvent(DamageCause cause, long time, Location location, double damage, EntityType damager,
                String name);

    public String getDamagerName()

    public Long getTimeInMillis()

    public Double getDamage()

    public DamageCause getDamageCause()

    public Location getLocation()

    public EntityType getDamagerType()

    public String getFormattedTime()

    public UUID getUniqueID()

    public Material getGuiItem(DamageCause cause)

    If any bugs are found, please post them in the discussion thread and NOT in the reviews. They will be addressed as soon as possible.

    Special Thanks:

    Thanks to @dinosaur for his GUI library "base." That's what this plugin uses for Inventory GUIS!
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed file creation and permission bug

Recent Reviews

  1. PureProximity
    Version: 1.1
    it is a good plugin but it lacks placeholder support which would be great if it were added!
  2. Korbsti
    Version: 1.1
    Its a lovely plugin made by a lovely developer, it works perfectly as intended and as a great API, thanks for making a good plugin such as this one
    1. gluebaby
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind review! I hope I can continue to improve the plugin and your experience!