Damage Modifier 1.0 for Minecraft v.1.8.x

Modifies the damage of players by organizing them in groups.

  1. Greeniac916
    Based upon a plugin suggestion by Bumblebomb.

    What does it do?

    Damage Modifier is a simple plugin that adds to the amount of damage a player can deal to others. It does this by creating custom-named groups that players can be placed under. Every group has its own amount of added damage. Each group is also entirely configurable both in-game and directly through the configuration file.

    Commands and Permissions...
    • /damagemod: This command lists all available commands. (Permission: damagemod.help)​
    • /damagemod set: This command sets the amount of damage a group deals and creates the group if it is not already made. (Permission: damagemod.set)​
    • /damagemod add: This command add a player to a Damage Modifier group. (Permission: damagemod.add)​
    • /damagemod get: This command shows the amount of added damage a group/player causes. (Permissions: damagemod.get | damagemod.get.others)​
    • /damagemod reload: This command reloads the configuration file. (Permission: damagemod.reload)​
    (To give all permissions, use damagemod.*)
    Known Bugs:
    Currently, there are no known bugs. Please report any bugs you may find to the discussion of the post.

    Please put any suggestions you may have in the discussion of the post.​

    Important Notes:
    Players that are not online cannot be added to any group through in-game commands due to the possibility of their username change. If you need to add an offline player to a group, you must directly through the config file. Then, if the server was running during the edits, you must reload the configuration through the console or in-game using /damagemod reload before using any other in-game commands.

    Code (Text):
        Added_Damage: '15'
        Added_Damage: '12'
        Group: admin
        RealName: Greeniac916
        Group: user
        RealName: FlameBalls2003