Damocles | New Enchantments, Items and more! | Beta 1.8.3

Complete RPG System, Custom items, Custom Characters and new enchantments!

  1. Potion & Arrow Update!

    • Added custom potions & custom tipped arrows
    • When creating a new character it no longer spams you in chat when picking a username.
    • When using
      /potion <PotionType> <Duration> <Amplifier> <Color> <Splash>
      Duration is in seconds, to get an instant potion just put 1 second in.
    • Arrows lose their potion effects when they hit the ground, you only get one use out of a custom tipped arrow.
    • Can only be obtained using the commands /potion or /arrow
    • Character#getInventory() is now Deprecated
    • Moved all individual commands to their own respective classes under the package xyz.almia.commandsystem
    • Colors should be created through the constructor Color(int red, int blue, int green) but feel free to use Color(PotionColors color).
    • Added another Constructor to the Character class, use the new one only to get offline characters, try to only use the (Player, ID) as much as you can.
    • No dependency changes, please use latest version of all "optional" dependencies.
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