Damocles | New Enchantments, Items and more! | Beta 1.8.3

Complete RPG System, Custom items, Custom Characters and new enchantments!

  1. The Damage Update!

    Before updating please update all dependencies if you are using them, MultiLineAPI has updated and only the latest versions of Damocles and it's dependencies will work together.

    Finally I have been able to push another update. This took a really long time but it is here. I have fixed damage in prep for magic & spells.
    Github Commit
    The question you may be asking yourself is, where is spells and magic?, my original plan with 1.8.0 was to fully release magic and spells but the damage methods I had currently in place would not let me do that. I was required to rewrite all of my plugins damage but since this update would have no affect on my players I decided to add multiple new upgrades to current functions with this update.
    • Items can now be upgraded, the upgrade count at the bottom of an item does something now! This dictates how many enhancement scrolls can be applied to an item. After +3 enhancements an item will start to glow.
    • Enhancement scrolls now exist, check /cardinal for them! A way to obtain them legit will be added later on.
    • Items now serialize their names and store them in NBT, this may cause items to lose their current names. Solution is to destroy them and recreate them.
    • Soul potion, if you have lower than 5 souls and you drink a soul potion you gain +1 soul! Will format this better in future updates but for right now they just exist and work.
    • /stats is now a book. And you can upgrade stats! Check it out it is super cool.
    • Anvil dupe glitch is fixed.
    • You can now once again interact with entities.
    Internal Changes:
    • Removed the Aegis enchantment,
    • Redid the entire damage system, should work and layer properly now.
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