Dangerous Caves 2 | Make your caves scary [1.12.2 - 1.16.1] v2.2.7

Cave mechanics improvement | Paper-optimized | Cross-version support

  1. imDaniX
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    OkDexter12 (a.k.a. Evil-Lootlye), imDaniX

    Dangerous Caves is the gameplay-addition plugin for bukkit servers. Plugin contains many new special mobs with its own characteristics. Also DC adds a bunch of interesting gameplay features, such as cave ins, depth temperature and more.
    It's not just a fix for latest versions. DC2 is a fork of DC which provides significant optimizations to the original plugin. Actually plugin was almost fully re-coded from scratch.
    Also many thing are configurable now - not just chances to spawn as it was before.

    Latest builds are available on GitHub Actions (registration required)

    This plugin uses bStats - you can opt out using the global bStats config.

    Caves Aging
    Caves that are inhabited for a long time grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look more cavey and run down.
    It doesn't require you world reset. Just.. wait.

    When very, very low underground you should bring a rabbit foot with you to avoid cave-ins from happening. Once a cave-in happens, the cave around you collapses with a deafening blast while blinding you in the process.

    Depth Hypoxia
    When caving, there's not so much air to breath, and items in your backpack are felt heavier. Because of this, when low underground your character will complain and you'll fatigue every now and then.

    Ambient Sounds
    Sometimes while exploring a cave a creepy song will play or you'll hear strange sounds. A few examples would be water dropping, someone saying "oh" softly, or a spooky music disc playing lowly.
    *picture of sound, huh?*

    Custom Structures
    Tiny little structures that spawn throughout caves to make exploring more interesting. Chests that can spawn in these structures contain items that you need to survive, so living only in a cave is now possible without traveling to the surface. There are currently 36 different structures, so finding two of the same is decently difficult to do.

    Special Mobs
    Caves can be scary, so in order to make them as scary as possible plugin devs added some spooky mobs. For now there's 12 new monsters.
    Alpha Spiders are the kings of the spider nation. They can poison you on attack, web you, and even summon minions to help attack. They are very dangerous in small spaces due to the fact that they can web you stuck if you are not careful.

    Hungering Darknesses are invisible entities that kill you if they find you in a place with zero light. If you are being targeted by the hungering darkness, you will hear a strange static sound coming towards you.
    The way to get rid or kill them is by light so make sure you have a lot of torches.

    Smoke Demons are the souls of many miners who have died in gas leaks. Due to their unrest, they hunt you down in the form of a shapeless cloud of poisonous gas. However, bright lights can kill them just like the hungering darkness.

    Just when creepers couldn't get any worse, now Lava Creepers spawn in caves blow up into fire, lava, obsidian, and magma. Bring a water bucket and watch your back if you want to live. Lava Creepers shoot lava particles out of their head so that you know which type is which.
    Lava Creeper Aftermath:

    Hexed Armor is a more annoying than dangerous mob. If you get hit too many times by hexed armor, the cursed armor will rip off your current armor and glue itself to you.

    Magma Monster so hot it scorches the land it walks on. Also sets you on fire if you are hit by it so watch out.

    Watcher is a monster that jumpscares you if you are not careful. If you look away from it while it is attacking or following you, it will teleport in front of you and jumpscare you. Dangerous with other mobs around, but easy to kill alone.

    TNT Creeper... A project gone wrong by scientist. During a attempt to increase the explosion power of creepers, some creepers learned to build TNT out of their surroundings and increase their explosion power themselves.
    When the creeper explodes, TNT will appear and also explode causing multiply the explosion power.
    "The Moment Before":

    Dead Miner, who couldn't find his way out of the caves below. Eventually by some unknown way, he was resurrected as a zombie and now stalks the caves looking for other miners to join him.
    While he walks around, he will place torches if it gets too dark. He also drops items from time to time when he is hit.

    Crying Bat is a rare mob in the form of a bat that appears and cries randomly, then disappears after some time.
    *another picture of sound*

    Chest. Oh, I mean, Mimic! Just be aware of chests...
    *sorry, no screenshots yet*

    Cave Golem is evolved ore. It's very strong and sword are just useless. Try to kill it with its natural enemy - pickaxe!
    *sorry, no screenshots yet*

    There's just one command
    /dangerouscaves (alias /dc, /dcaves)
    /dcaves info
    - Get some info about your current location.
    /dcaves summon [mob] - Spawn a mob on your location. Use ids from config, like alpha-spider.
    /dcaves tick - Activate every plugin's tickables, like cave aging.
    /dcaves reload - Reload plugin configuration.

    (last update 07.07.2020)
    Code (Text):
    # | Dangerous Caves by Evil-Lootlye
    # | Forked by imDaniX

    # Version of this configuration file
    version: 19

    # NOTE: Chances
    # All the chances are in percents
    # Setting chance to 0 means that you want to disable the feature

    # NOTE: Worlds
    # World names are case-sensitive
    # Instead of specifying worlds you can leave them blank - all the OVERWORLD worlds will be used automatically
    # "Blank worlds" doesn't means "worlds:" - use "worlds: []"

    # NOTE: Ticks
    # Plugin utilizes its own tick system which is based on vanilla one
    # WORLD tick is 6300 vanilla ticks (about 5 minutes 15 seconds)
    # PLAYER tick is 800 vanilla ticks (about 40 seconds)
    # ENTITY tick is 4 vanilla ticks (about 200 milliseconds)

    # NOTE: Per-version
    # 1.13+ Materials(ignore LEGACY) https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
    # -1.12 Materials https://helpch.at/docs/1.12.2/index.html?org/bukkit/Material.html
    # 1.13+ Sounds https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    # -1.12 Sounds https://helpch.at/docs/1.12.2/index.html?org/bukkit/Sound.html

    # Some plugin integrations
      # For disabling some features in specific regions
      # Available options: worldguard, worldguard-flags, griefprevention, griefprevention-flags, none
      # If you have several plugins, you can use multiple checks by dividing modes by comma without spaces
      # mode: worldguard,griefprevention
      mode: none
      # WorldGuard flags:
      # dc-entity-grief (magma monster, lava creeper)
      # dc-block-change (cave-ins, caves aging)
      # dc-player-effect (ambient sounds, hypoxia)
      # `griefprevention-flags` mode requires GriefPreventionFlags plugin. You don't need it for `griefprevention`
      # GriefPreventionFlags flags:
      # DCNoEntityGrief (magma monster, lava creeper)
      # DCNoBlockChange (cave-ins, caves aging)
      # DCNoPlayerEffect (ambient sounds, hypoxia)

      # Invert checks by default
      invert: false

    # Cave-related things

      # Cave-Ins - blocks may fall down when mining
       # List of worlds where cave-in may appear
         - world
       # Chance of cave-in while mining blocks
       # In percents
       chance: 0.25
       # Cuboid-shaped cave-ins. Doesn't affect performance
       cuboid: false
       # Sand-like fall. Can cause client-side lags and block drops, but looks fancy
       slow-fall: true
       # Immunity to cave-ins if player has rabbit foot in inventory
       rabbit-foot: true
       # Radius of cave-ins
       radius: 2
       # Maximal Y where cave-ins may appear
       y-max: 25
       # Give player effects on cave-ins?
       blast-effect: true
       # Play explosion sound on cave-ins?
       blast-sound: true

      # Ambient Sounds - special sound may be played underground
       # List of worlds where ambient sounds can be played
         - world
       # Chance of sound will be played
       # Checking every PLAYER tick
       chance: 6.35
       # Maximal Y where sound can be played
       y-max: 64
       # Play sound in random location near player. 0 to play sound on player's location
       near: 7
       # List of sounds to play - you can add more or remove some
           volume: 1
           pitch: 0.5
           volume: 1
           pitch: 0.5
           volume: 1
           pitch: 0.5
           volume: 1
           pitch: 0.5
           volume: 0.04
           pitch: 0.2
           volume: 1
           pitch: 0.5

      # Depth Hypoxia - will cause player to move and dig slower
       # List of worlds where players can sense hypoxia
         - world
       # Chance of checking the player
       # Checking every PLAYER tick
       try-chance: 60
       # Formula to calculate chance of activation. Supports integers, floats, -, +, *, /, ^, (, )
       # Result should be between 0 and 1, where 0 is 0% and 1 is 100%
       # Depth (0-1) - depth of player, where 1 is Y 0, and 0 is y-max(from config)
       # Inventory (0-1) - inventory fullness, where 1 is full and 0 is empty; slot considered as full if it has maximal amount of item inside(like 1 iron pickaxe, 16 ender pearls or 64 dirt)
       # For 2.1.9 behavior use "(depth+inventory)/2"
       chance-formula: "depth*inventory"
       # Limit maximal and minimal chance of activation. Set `chance-max` 100 to disable
       chance-min: 10
       chance-max: 90
       # Maximal Y where players can sense lack of air
       y-max: 42
       # Use actionbar instead of chat to show messages
       actionbar: true
       # Messages when player is feeling lack of air. You can use %player placeholder
         - "&4I really need more air..."
         - "&4It is so stuffy down here."
         - "&4Maybe drop some items from the inventory?"

      # Caves Aging - over time caves will get some vines and rocks
       # List of worlds where aging will be processed
         - world
       # Chance of caves near player will be affected
       # Checking every WORLD tick
       chance: 50
       # Radius of cave aging near player
       # In chunks (+1 where the player is)
       radius: 3
       # Maximal Y where aging will be processed
       y-max: 64
       # Chance of block will be affected
       change-chance: 2.5
       # Maximal light level of block (0-15)
       # WARNING: Can cause lags if > 0. This option checks every horizontal side of block to check if there's some light
       max-light-level: 0
       # Vanilla ticks between chunk changes. Larger value - better performance, but slower process
       # Large values(60+) are not recommended
       schedule-timer: 4
       # Force chunk loading if chunk was unloaded during scheduled aging. Disable if it's too intensive for your server
       force-load: true
       # Maximal percentage of aged blocks per chunk
       percentage: 70
       # List of materials that are affected by aging
         - STONE
         - ANDESITE
         - COBBLESTONE
       # What to do with replace-blocks?
         vines: true
         rocks: true
         mushrooms: true
         replace: true
       # Replace torch on caves aging. Not affected by `change-chance`
       torch-remove-chance: 40
       # List of coordinates of chunks that should be ignored
       # To get chunk coordinates just divide your coordinates by 16 and ignore remainder(or use command)
       # "-1,-1" variant is allowed(just one chunk)
       # Worlds are case-sensitive!
       #  world:
       #   - "-1,-1 1,1"
       #   - "10,24"
       #  second_world:
       #   - "0,0"

    # Generator-related things

      # Force Dangerous Caves' generator to wait for other plugins (other generators)
      wait-other: false

      # Chance of custom structure generations in chunk
      chance: 50

      # Maximal amount of tries to find empty space for generation
      max-tries: 3

      # Worlds where generator will work
       - world

      # Items in generated chests
       - OAK_PLANKS
       - TORCH
       - COBWEB
       - BONE
       - STICK
       - OAK_LOG
       - OAK_SAPLING
       - COAL
       - BEEF
       - APPLE
       - CHICKEN
       - WHITE_WOOL
       - BREAD
       - DIRT
       - CARROT
       - COOKIE
       - WOODEN_AXE
       - STONE_AXE
       - PAPER
       - SUGAR_CANE
       - SUGAR
       - TORCH
       - DIRT

      # List of *default* structures to generate
      # Larger priority - larger chance in comparison with others. Set to 0 to disable
      # Chance formula - (structure_priority)/(total_priority)
       traps: 1
       pillars: 1
       boulders: 1
       buildings: 1

      # Chance of spawning a mimic inside of custom structure with chests
      mimic-chance: 10

    # Mob-related things

      # Chance of spawning custom mob instead of vanilla one
      try-chance: 25

      # World where mob can spawn(and work as it's intended to work)
       - world

      # Minimal and maximal Y coordinate where custom mobs can spawn
      y-min: 4
      y-max: 64

      # (Paper only) Use PreCreatureSpawnEvent when trying to spawn mobs. More performance-friendly, but a bit less accurate
      use-prespawn: true

      # Block renaming with name-tags
      restrict-rename: false

      # Only these mobs will be replaced
       - ZOMBIE
       - HUSK
       - SKELETON
       - STRAY
       - CREEPER
       - SPIDER
       - WITCH
       - ENDERMAN

      # Add metadata "DangerousCaves" when mob is spawned. Useful for some plugins like SAML.
      # Not sure, but can cause memory leak, so disabled by default
      add-metadata: false

      # List of *default* custom mobs

      # To disable mob's name just leave it blank, like
      #   name: ""
      # Larger priority - larger chance to spawn in comparison with others.
      # Set priority to 0 to disable mob, like
      #   priority: 0
      # Spawn chance formula - (mob_priority)/(total_priority)

      # Alpha Spider
      # Spawns cave-spiders as minions and covers player in cobweb
       priority: 9
       health: 18
       name: "&4Alpha Spider"
       # When spider is damaged
       cobweb-chance: 14.29
       # When spider is damaged
       minion-chance: 6.67

      # Crying Bat
      # Just screams and eventually dies
       priority: 9
       name: "&4Crying Bat"
       # Every ENTITY tick
       cry-chance: 3.33
       # Every ENTITY tick if cry was successful
       death-chance: 20

      # Dead Miner
      # Placing torches when it's too dark and drops some items when damaged
       priority: 10
       name: "&4Dead Miner"
       health: 22
       # Get your custom head here https://minecraft-heads.com/
       # Just copy a "Value" (with =)
       head-value: "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvMzE5MzdiY2Q1YmVlYWEzNDI0NDkxM2YyNzc1MDVlMjlkMmU2ZmIzNWYyZTIzY2E0YWZhMmI2NzY4ZTM5OGQ3MyJ9fX0="
       # Place torches when it's too dark?
       place-torches: true
       # Place redstone torches instead of normal?
       red-torches: false
       # Don't place torches if Dead Miner has player as a target
       without-target: false
       # Cooldown in seconds between torches placing. Useful for preventing torch farms. Set to 0 to disable
       torches-cooldown: 12
       # When Dead Miner is damaged
       drop-chance: 30
       # Materials list
         - COBBLESTONE
         - DIRT
         - COAL
         - TORCH

      # Hexed Armor
      # When attacks gives player all its armor
       priority: 6
       name: "&4Hexed Armor"
       health: 20
       # Add binding curse to armor
       binding-curse: true
       # When player is attacked
       apply-chance: 25

      # Hungering Darkness
      # Spawns in the dark and kills player if there's no light
       priority: 8
       name: ""
       # Kill the entity on light?
       remove-on-light: false
       # Is night vision effect considered as light?
       night-vision: false
       # When player is attacked
       damage: 200

      # Lava Creeper
      # When blows up creates a crater with magma, obsidian and lava
       priority: 6
       name: "&4Lava Creeper"
       health: 20
       # When Lava Creeper is damaged. In ticks
       fire-touch: 10
       # Radius in blocks
       radius: 4
       # Chance that the block will be changed
       change-chance: 50
         fire: 33.33
         magma_block: 25
         obsidian: 20
         lava: 16.67

      # Magma Monster
      # Leaves a trail of magma on its way
       priority: 4
       name: "&4Magma Monster"
       health: 20
       # If monster is extinguished it will receive damage
       extinguished-damage: false
       # Placing fire. Every ENTITY tick
       fire-chance: 7.14
       # Placing magma-blocks. Every ENTITY tick
       magma-chance: 3.57

      # Smoke Demon
      # Creates a smoke and gives wither effect
       priority: 7
       name: ""
       health: 20
       # Radius in blocks
       harm-radius: 3

      # TNT Creeper
      # Spawns additional TNTs when explodes and creates small explosion when damaged
       priority: 9
       name: "&4TNT Creeper"
       health: 20
       # Amount of TNT to spawn after explosion
       tnt-amount: 2
       # When TNT Creeper is damaged
       explosion-chance: 33.33

      # Watcher
      # Just jumpscares a player
       priority: 7
       name: "&4Watcher"
       health: 20
       # Get your custom head here https://minecraft-heads.com/
       # Just copy a "Value" (with =)
       head-value: "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvZDI5MzhmMjQxZDc0NDMzZjcyZjVjMzljYjgzYThlNWZmN2UxNzdiYTdjYjQyODY5ZGI2NGUzMDc5MTAyYmZjNSJ9fX0="

      # Mimic
      # Becomes a chest when it has no target
       priority: 0
       name: "&4Mimic"
       health: 30
       # List of dropped materials after death
         - BOOK
         - SADDLE
         - OAK_PLANKS
         - TORCH
         - COAL
         - GOLDEN_APPLE
         - COBWEB

      # Cave Golem
      # Has strong attack, can be damaged only with pickaxe, drops its head on death
       priority: 3
       health: 35
       name: "&4Cave Golem"
       # Give Cave Golem slowness effect
       slowness: true
       # When Cave Golem is attacking give its victim slowness, nausea and blindness effects
       distract-attack: true
       # Damage multiplier when Cave Golem is attacking
       damage-modifier: 2.0
       # Damage multiplier when player is attacking Cave Golem without pickaxe
       nonpickaxe-modifier: 0.07
       # These blocks will be on Cave Golem's head and will be dropped after death
         - COAL_ORE
         - IRON_ORE
         - GOLD_ORE
         - LAPIS_ORE
         - DIAMOND_ORE
         - EMERALD_ORE

    >> SUPPORT <<
    Want to report a bug? Have an idea?
    Use GitHub Issues or plugin's Discussion thread!

Recent Reviews

  1. Tawwwm
    Version: v2.2.7
    Great plugin but when I used it on my server, mobs where spawning inside walls dying and causing a lot of lag. Not sure if that was a fault on my end or the plugin itself but made the plugin almost pointless to use.
    1. imDaniX
      Author's Response
      Please, when you got problems - check support. It's really not that hard to do, just one click.
      It's caused by a bug in Paper 1.16. As a temporary solution you should turn off option mobs.use-prespawn
  2. ItaloPL
    Version: v2.2.4
    Ahora es mas entretenido minar y explorar con este plugin.
    Los usuarios se asustan y eso gusta =)
  3. Kendyman
    Version: v2.2.2
    This plugin is great and makes every cave a joy to explore. Totally recommend it.
  4. No848757
    Version: v2.2.1
    Very nice update, but I have a suggestion that the damage to Cave Golem can also be reduced when a player uses a bow.
    And when I used paper 1.12.2, when I hit it with a pick, the damage is still multiplied by 0.07.
    (Please excuse my poor English XD)
    Thanks for your good work!Keep trying!
  5. cybered01
    Version: v2.2.0
    Awesome plugin, gives a custom and unique feeling to your server! I highly recommend.
  6. FesterHead
    Version: v2.1.8
    This is a great continuation forked from the Evil-Lootlye/dangerous-caves plugin in both features and configuration. Adds more variety to caves.
  7. Hestia23
    Version: v2.1.8
    Fantastic plugin. Makes caves a lot more dangerous and definitely less easy mode. Perfect for those looking for the ultimate survival server.
  8. DosTiempos
    Version: v2.1.8
    Wonderfull plugin! it is so funnnnnnnnn :D thank you fahrenheit451!

  9. Fahrenheit451
    Version: v2.1.7
    Great plugin. Makes for great fun on our servers. Thanks for the work on this and keep up the good work!!
    1. imDaniX
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words, I'm really appreciate that ^^
      If you have any problems with this plugin - report it on github or discussion thread, or just message me.
  10. No848757
    Version: v2.1.7
    Great plugin!
    But can you support residence? When the magma-creeper explodes around the residence, It will replace the blocks in the residence!
    I don't want it to replace the blocks in the residence!
    (I'm using a translation software. Please excuse me XD)
    Looking forward to your reply!
    1. imDaniX
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.
      I'll look into it in a next couple of updates.