Dangerous Survival 11.2

Adds various survival mechanics to the game to improve how the game is played.

  1. fin95
    Version: 11.2
    El desarollador del plugin no ayuda en lo absoluto con los problemas

  2. blaukat
    Version: 11.2
    This has such potential, but is far too buggy to use on a production server. A command to recieve the artifacts + working crawling would make this plugin incredible, until then, three stars.
  3. warriorninja
    Version: 11.2
    Nice plugin to spice up the game. Although there are a few issues I've encountered.
    1. mobs don't drop a continuous line of blood (red stone dust). They pretty much drop one block of 'blood' on being hit.
    2. the new 'sneaking' is very glitchy as of 1.14.4, I tried using it (basically crawling) but it's very buggy. When moving around you are likely to be glitched back and in third person your stuck under the floor.
    Nevertheless, loving the plugin with all its new features it adds to vanilla minecraft, looking forward to a ''dangerous end" ;)
  4. Gamepl
    Version: 11.2
    Здравствуйте. Этот плагин восхитителен! Но у меня возникли сложности с этим плагином. Как мне играть с локальным чатом?

    Что делать чтобы говорить, кричать и так далее? У меня игроки что-то пишут, но другой игрок не видит этого...

    Что делать?

    Hello. This plugin is amazing! But I'm having trouble with this plugin. How do I play with local chat?

    That to do to to speak, yelling and so on? I have players something write, but the other player not sees this...

    What to do?
  5. LordDundar
    Version: 11.2
    Such a great plugin. I love everything OkDexter12 has made. My players love the blood effects and the new monster detection makes sneaking something cool to do.
  6. DrakonisVaughan
    Version: 11.2
    Fun plugin that does it's job well however I would like to be able to toggle the mob enhancements on and off individually as it would let me use zombies and skeletons as allies in Mob Arena.
  7. xorgone
    Version: 11.2
    LOVE this! The only recommendation I would have, is setting the "Thirst" number as a permanent number on the screen. Having it disappear on you sometimes leads to you suddenly realizing you need water, and ASAP. Being able to watch it slowly drain would be nice.

    10/10 plugin
  8. proximageuse
    Version: 8
    Great plugin, really cool features. Going to have to wait until the config reset bug is fixed until I use it on a public server, though.
  9. PegsHD
    Version: 8
    It's a good plugin however there is a major bug which is that the config doesn't update.
  10. Cagrner
    Version: 4
    Good plugin, but the config file dosent load up.. I am disabled crawling and reloaded server, but players still can crawling..
  11. nbrandwine
    Version: 2.7
    Features & mechanics provided in this plugin are awesome, makes default minecraft more challenging! Artifact powers is nice. Utility from enchanting armor with dyes and potions is really crafty. Fire effects look great. Spices up any server for sure. +Recommend. (Hydration should be able to be disabled if user is in creative mode, otherwise awesome).
  12. iblitzzz
    Version: 2.7
    Hi super plugin, but for some reason you still don't want to save config ... could you please do something for me?
    1. OkDexter12
      Author's Response
      Sure, message me with the config you would like and I'll create a custom version for you to use with a new default config.
  13. Bl3ndXDXD
    Version: 2.1
    Excelente plugin, como siempre, realmente buenos y trabajado me encantan todos tus plugin, muchas gracias <3 y felicitaciones!
  14. Foufou10
    Version: 2.0
    Very nice plugin, would deserve to get a small price honestly, as amazing as all your "Dangeroux X" plugins !
    ( We still need Dangerous End !)
    1. OkDexter12
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Not sure how i'd do dangerous end, but if you have any ideas be sure to message me.