Dangerous Survival 11.2

Adds various survival mechanics to the game to improve how the game is played.

  1. Fixed Some Things The Sequel

    Just fixed some miscellaneous bugs.
  2. Added Force Nametags Hiding In Config

    If nametag hiding isn't working for you, option to hide all nametags available in config.

    Fixed disabling artifacts not returning damage to normal.
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  3. Various Improvements

    -Fixed a targeting error in dangerous nether, dangerous caves, and dangerous survival
  4. Fixed Some Things

    Made thirst not go down or do effects when the player is in creative or spectator mode.

    Maybe fixed the config resetting issue??

    Hopefully fixed a weird name-tag hiding issue.

    Also nerfed the instant health and instant damage potion effects on tools and armor. Very nerfed them
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  5. Fixed A Few Things

    Fixed blood dropping as redstone from explosions and also made artifact items drop as items instead of replacing items in your inventory.
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  6. Updated Config Folder Name

    Renamed config folder to "DangerousSurvival" actually instead of SE cause that's just confusing.

    If you already have the old version, don't install this new version. It will make a new config. (Well, i mean you could just copy and paste now that I think of it but whatevs)
  7. Fixed and Added some Stuff

    Fixed errors from player join events and added a permission that allows admins to view nametags when they are off. The permission is 'survivalmain.seenametags'.
  8. Fixed config issue

    Fixed a issue with config. Must of accidentally deleted a value.