Dark Youtube - By Darki - Plugin won't updated v2.1.1A

Adds three Items for Youtubers on a Server

  1. DasDarki
    DarkYouTube - v0.1 - by Darki

    Today I am going to make a big Test to open the Beta

    - ITag or TagAPI - download
    - ProtocolLib - download here
    - Bukkit or Spigot 1.8.8

    - dyt.* - To give the whole access
    - dyt.bypass - To don't give a ByPass or to fly away
    - dyt.getitems - To get all Items when you joined the game
    - dyt.cmd.nick - To give access to the Nick Command
    - dyt.nickchanger - To give access for the Nick Changer
    - dyt.protection - To give access for the Protector
    - dyt.ghost - To give access for the GhostMode

    - /nick (remove) <NAME> - Enter a <NAME> to nick you or Enter remove to remove the nick name

    - GUI: Enable: true = enabled, false = disabled; Slot 0-8
    - Items: Slot: 0-8

    IMPORTANT: When you enable the GUI the Items are disabled!

    - NickChanger - RIGHTCLICK with it and you get a Random Name from the Config. Before you can use it you have to enter some Names in the Config.
    - Protection - RIGHTCLICK with it and you get a Protection. When Players come to close to you they fly away.
    - GhostMode - RIGHTCLICK and you will be invisible for the Players

    - Adding some more Items <NOTHING>

    I made this in a Speed Coding Video on my Youtube Channel:

    - GhostMode works not right
    - NickChanger: The Skin changes not

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Recent Reviews

  1. JavAndroid
    Version: 2016-01-11
    This is a Very good plugin and Very good Developer, Congrats...

    I hope to you add more things to the plugin.
    1. DasDarki
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot. Of Couse I am working more on this Plugin