DarkEssentials- Alpha 0.1 - (for)1.7.X


  1. xXsuperman_YTXx
    Commands of the Plugin
    • /opme - This is a command for player that try to op them selfs. A message will deny there.
    • /de - This plugin tells some basic info, author, version, etc.
    • /dehelp - This is a Menu with all the commands for this plugin, and specific info about them.
    • /eat - Will set your hunger to 100%.
    • /ci - This command will Clear you inventory of every item. Be careful!
    • /heal - This command will Heal you with recovering 100% health, and hunger.
    • /gmc - Will set your gamemode to Creative, with a message telling you so.
    • /gms - Will set your gamemode to Survival, with a message telling you so.
    • /head - This command will give you your own head.
    • /head [player name] - This will give you the head of the player you specified.
    • /suicide - Will kill you, and will broadcast a message you can took your life.
    • /starter - Gives you a basic starting kit.
    • /clearchat - Clear all of chat, and gives a message who has cleared chat.
    • /drunk - Gets you drunk you a bit.













    If I spelt any of these wrong, my bad, but I don't think I did. If I have, they are all suppose to say DarkEssentials then . then the actual permission.

    Setting up DarkEssentials
    Installing this plugin is very simple. Nothing special is required.

    1. Download the Plugin

    2. Dark and drop, or upload into your plugins folder.

    3. Start your server, or reload.

    4. Go in game, do /pl, or /plugins. If DarkEssentials is there, you are all good.

    This plugin will be increasing its use, and will be increasing the amount of commands insanely very soon! Be patient and you will have a ultimate essentials plugin. I am also tying to include other plugins into this plugin to make it into one massive essentials plugin. So Stay tuned!

    Change Log
    Version 0.1

    Added Starter kit. Permissions, and commands above.

    Know Bugs
    No known bugs at the moment. If you find a bug in this plugin please do comment below and report it. If helps me alot. The report format will be:



    Date found:

    Version of use:


    Plain and simple. Please fill that out if you find a bug or something wrong.

    Got a suggestion?
    Do you have suggestions for what I should include next? Please leave a comment down below or PM me!

    I've worked very hard on this plugin, so please do give it a try. Thank you!

    25 Downloads, Status - Not complete

    50 Downloads, Status - Not complete

    75 Downloads, Status - Not complete

    100 Downloads, Status - Not complete

    250 Downloads, Status, - Not complete

    500 Downloads, Status, - Not complete

    750 Downloads, Status, - Not complete

    1000 Downloads, Status, - Not complete

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    Version: 0.1 - (for)1.7.X
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