DatabaseHandler 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Provides simple use of databases (supports mysql, postgre, sqlite, yaml)

  1. DerTod2

    The DatabaseHandler provides simple access to four different database types. Besides the access to the database the plugin contains an updater and one command.

    At the moment the supported databases are:

    • MySQL (with connection pool)
    • PostGRE (with connection pool)
    • SQLite (one shared connection)
    • Yaml (faked database, no connections)
    The plugin provides an simple API to use over the static method DatabaseHandler.get().

    Copy the DatabaseHandler.jar inside the plugins folder. After the first start modify the config.yml and restart the server.

    Included Command
    The Plugin contains the command /dh or /databasehandler. This command allows to reload the configuration and plugin, restart the connection pool, search for updates, showing statistics and listing all active connections.

    The Permissions are:
    /dh reload -- databasehandler.commands.databasehandler.reload
    /dh restart -- databasehandler.commands.databasehandler.restart
    /dh update -- databasehandler.commands.databasehandler.update
    /dh stats -- databasehandler.commands.databasehandler.stats
    /dh list -- databasehandler.commands.databasehandler.list

    To see update messages this permission is needed:

    HOWTO (for developers)
    There is an Step-by-Step tutorial on github

    Plugins which uses DatabaseHandler
    1. ZonesLib (github)
    2. UltimateZones (github) (spigotmc)