DataBaseLibProject 2020-08-02

MySql Redis Spigot

  1. Nino3363
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:

    This project had been made for everyone who want to connect their project to a Redis or Mysql DataBase on Spigot.

    This project had been tested on 1.8 only but i don't see any problem who made him not available for other spigot Versions.

    Java is needed

    If you have some error with the plugin, please give feedback on the GitHub Page, but before Check the issues Pages and if you are using the last version.
    I'm not gonna give you answer on this Page.

    Only for Redis DataBase:

    If you get some error while using the Redis Base, please add their File:

    Developper part:

    Put the jar file to you're plugin file and add to you're plugin.yml:

    depend: [DataBaseLibProject]

    For Start, if you want to use a mysql database,

    You will need the DataBase class on fr.redline.dblp.db:

    new DataBase(String ip, String databasename, String username, String mdp);

    And if you need to change the base address: "jdbc:mysql://"
    use the setAdress(String); fonction on the DataBase class
    For connect: use connect(); fonction

    If you want to use a Redis DataBase you will need the RedisDataBase class available on fr.redline.dblp.db
    new RedisDataBase(RedisCredentials);

    For after, i will let you see all of the fonction in the class
    If you have some trouble please ask question on the GitHub page.

    For Bungee:

    Thanks for using my project.