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  1. datdenkikniet
    Datdenkikniets Libs
    Hereby I'm presenting my new Resource: datdenkiknietslibs, a collection of useful libraries, which is easy to use and well documented.
    How do I use it?
    To use the code in this library, there are two things you can do:
    you can either
    1. put the DatdenkiknietsLibs.jar as plugin on your server, and import the file as "External Jar"
    2. copy the code from the files you need from the github repository
    This library includes:
    • A way to easily handle custom configuration files
    • A way to easily handle warps
    • More features will be added later
    Other things
    • I wont give anyone personal assistance. If you still feel like you REALLY need it, you can buy the Premium version of this resource, which is coming soon.
    • If you know how to use JavaDocs, you can check them out here
    • If you have any suggestions on what should be added, please post them in this resource discussion
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Recent Reviews

  1. dadus33
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome library for developers! I've actually been using your custom config system way before this resource came out, and I'm still using it now in all my plugins ;)
    1. datdenkikniet
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :) If you need anything added, be sure to hit me up!