dAura 1.0-US

Created by: David

  1. iDavid
    Contact: david.dzn <- Skype
    Contact: @david_dzn <- Twitter
    Channel: http://goo.gl/vAQhCL


    - aura.use
    - /f nick
    - /ff nick

    Commands /f and /ff do the same thing.

    What This Plugin do?

    This Plugin is a useful plugin for you to check if the player uses the hack Killaura

    You type / f nickname
    what will happen would spawn 4 Players Fakes around player who may be using killaura, then he would kill them once and 4 (4/4)
    more will be able you also use the "/admin" or "/v" if your server has that plugin [Maybe soon-I release a plugin that does it]

    Language Plugins: BR and US

    Need this plugin you use the Plugin "ProtocolLib

    do not be alarmed this plugin has nothing to force-op, the class "Owner" will warn me when I enter the server to know if I use this plugin, and the join / quit that are "null" and for failing to appear when I enter: "mynick join the ..."
    can test my nick: danieboyzinho

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