Dawg's NPCs 1.1

A basic NPC plugin

  1. CaptainDawg
    What is this plugin?
    This plugin is just a basic NPC plugin. It allows you to spawn in NPCs.

    Displays all NPC commands

    /npc create <player> <all/me>
    This will spawn in an NPC with the option of everyone seeing it, or just you.

    /npc copy <player>
    This will create an NPC in the position that an online player is in

    Any upcoming features?
    I am planning on releasing more features such as NPCs following a player. But that will be released at a later point!

    Want features?
    If you want to suggest features then please pm me!


    - Added /npc list <add/remove> feature

    Source code:
    Click me
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Recent Reviews

  1. JoshK_
    Version: 1.1
    I like it and it works well, however could you make it known in the overview what versions it works with as I can see it uses NMS. Thanks! :)