DaySetSpawn 1.0.0

You can set your spawnpoint during the day in older versions.

  1. ZafeyZero
    Native Minecraft Version:
    I'm not updating this plugin.

    This plugin merely allows you to set your spawnpoint during the day without having to wait for night in versions from 1.13 down to 1.9 allegedly.

    The reason I say allegedly is because the plugin has gone under zero testing due to me having the incorrect version of Java as I usually make plugins for 1.16.

    It was developed in Java 15, I have no idea if it even will work due to that. Feedback is greatly appreciated so I can fix any issues that may have aroused. Your spawnpoint is always set +3 away in the Z and X coordinate from the location you set your spawn at. I'm not adding config as this is a quick plugin and not long term what so ever.

    Decompiling it and making changes is fine and so is uploading your modified plugin just give credit please.