DayVote 0.4

A simple plugin for voting for day, with a cool transition!

  1. zackpollard

    DayVote is a plugin that allows you to simply vote to skip the night. If the vote is passed then the server time will be incremented forwards at accelerated speed until day which displays as a smooth transition while the sky revolves around the player.

    • Asks if anyone wants night
    • Simple setup
    • Just one command
    • Supports multiple worlds (Tested with multiverse)
    • Seperate time change for each world
    • Multiple voting options
    • /dv night (This is used when a vote is started to vote to keep the nighttime)
    • /dv day (This is used when a vote is started and you are using voting method 2 and you want to make it day)
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Recent Reviews

  1. samxmariex
    Version: 0.4
    I played on a server that had this plugin and I thought it was an awesome idea, I had to have it. The players on my server always ask staff to make it day, so if everyone agrees, we do it. Great plugin overall!
  2. lightPlugins
    Version: 0.4
    When u add a Admin Comand without a Voting, then i give 5 stars !
    1. zackpollard
      Author's Response
      What would this admin command do?