DBS ConfigurationAPI 1.1.1

Easy to use JSON & YAML Configuration API

  1. Small recode, added Object (de)serialization support, bugfixes



    • Added support for (de)serialization of Object
      • Added the existing possibilities from Bukkit API (ItemStack, location, ...)
      • Added API for both Bukkit & BungeeCord to register custom Serializable objects
      • For Bukkit side, you can obtain ItemStacks, Locations, ... easily using:
        Code (Java):
        ItemStack item = configuration.spigot().getItemStack("item1");
        Note: the .spigot() method returns null in BungeeCord
    • Cleaned up code, rewritten some parts
    • Fixed several section related bugs with JSON
    Updated API can be found on the homepage (or in the readme on gitlab)

    This build is marked as BETA, please report any bugs when you encounter them.
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